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Should I Be Vulnerable Online About My Struggles?

Should I Be Vulnerable Online About My Struggles? It’s a conscious choice not to consistently over dramatise our hardships and struggles. Firstly, because sometimes we SHOULD present it in a way that focuses on our previous events. We all have the right to story tell as we see fit to get the results that serve us best. Referring to them instead as ‘challenges’ or ‘events’ is healthier, and it sure will over time rob them of their power, but it robs us of our current identity and we already struggled to build or rebuild that after trauma. We are a work in progress and whe

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Connection Equals Being Truly Seen

Connection Equals Being Truly Seen You know when I got really happy? When I eliminated everyone from my life who would attempt to shame or tease me for finding mainstream things as equally beautiful as the quirky, unique, offbeat and eclectic. And as I looked back, I began to identify this overwhelming pattern of people who sought significance through always positioning themselves as uniquely different. Maybe some never quite felt they were enough, if they teared up at something beautiful. Maybe some felt it a weakness if things like tacos and cats and rainbows brought

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Not Everyone Was Born to Serve

Not Everyone Was Born To Serve Not everyone was born to serve through leadership. But anyone can choose to step up and do so, and do an incredible job. (Or an average one, which is actually OK too because it’s all relative.) We don’t need to be incredible all the time. Because I’ve noticed the people who aim for that, tend to pendulum swing between massive results and complete inaction. People sell the hype of perfection and ‘massive results’ too often. I’m tired of the ads. I’m happy just being me and owning my journey, I think I’m pretty great as is. I sell the hype o

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