Not Everyone Was Born To Serve

Not everyone was born to serve through leadership.

But anyone can choose to step up and do so, and do an incredible job. (Or an average one, which is actually OK too because it’s all relative.)

We don’t need to be incredible all the time. Because I’ve noticed the people who aim for that, tend to pendulum swing between massive results and complete inaction.

People sell the hype of perfection and ‘massive results’ too often. I’m tired of the ads. I’m happy just being me and owning my journey, I think I’m pretty great as is.

I sell the hype of consistent daily improvement. Tracking, reassessing, goal setting, celebrating. Paying bills.

Setting yourself up so that when runaway success opportunities DO come, you’re can identify them and you’re not left floundering.

Improvement beats perfection. Perfection is an emotion designed to cover the existential shame of not ever being ‘enough.’

Gross. Imagine selling THAT.

Once you realise we’re all the same, skills are learned not genetically earned, the faster you can start imperfectly creating and learning.

If you want to just ‘get lucky’ and be a runaway business success, do two things:

  1. Create constant opportunities for this to enter your life.
  2. Build the skills to take full advantage of your ‘luck’ when it arrives.

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kat abianac.


kat abianac.