Let Me Introduce Myself…

Let Me Introduce Myself…

“Your earnings are a by-product of how well you serve your audience, and you can only best serve your audience when you know exactly who they are, what they’re going through, and what will get them to take action.” Pat Flynn


Hi, I’m Kat Abianac! I’m a creative & a creator, and I specialise in community and social media management.

I’m also the Founder of Kat & Fox Digital. I’m committed to helping businesses grow through being transparent, having authentic relationships with people and building community. Naturally intuitive, I guide my clients’ business ventures using both my head and heart.  As a marketing expert and action-taker, I help business owners – like you – overcome ‘comfortable inaction’ that stops your business from booming.

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I show you how to share your story so that you can confidently build relationships with people and create value and meaning for your tribe.  My superpower is unearthing your strengths and telling your story simply. The more your message resonates with your people, the more opportunities you’ll have to share with them. My advantage in the business coaching space is that I am an imperfect action-taker and I’m not afraid to share my struggles. My ability to problem solve challenges quickly and creatively is what sets me apart from the pack. People who work with me have their mindset transformed from confused to clear, and cautious to confident.


Together, we turn your online presence into a sales funnel to give people the opportunity to buy your services and products, without using icky sales tactics. Known among my clients as a ‘business elixir’, I thrive on taking business from stagnant to showing upon newsfeeds, no matter what stage your business is in. I’m passionate about helping people discover the benefits of essential oils while building my business.


Essential oils have life-changing benefits and I am honoured when I hear stories of clients who have been able to sleep better, breathe better, think better because they have worked with me. I believe in sharing knowledge and empowering others to be better, backed by a community where caring counts.

My first online course called Social Media Sales With Soul (created to help people dominate their social media presence), attracted almost 500 students. Launched in partnership with Presidential Diamond DoTERRA Leader, Jessie Reimers, the success of our multiple 6-figure-revenue course has reinforced the importance of consistently showing up, sharing knowledge and shoulder-leaning.


I care about connection and community. I’m here to serve my community so that you can serve yours. If you feel like there are blocks between your ideas and your action and you want to make a difference in the lives of your followers, keep reading.


“The true measure of your worth includes all the benefits others have gained from your success.” – Cullen Hightower


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