kat abianac.

Connection Equals Being Truly Seen

You know when I got really happy?

When I eliminated everyone from my life who would attempt to shame or tease me for finding mainstream things as equally beautiful as the quirky, unique, offbeat and eclectic.

And as I looked back, I began to identify this overwhelming pattern of people who sought significance through always positioning themselves as uniquely different.

Maybe some never quite felt they were enough, if they teared up at something beautiful.

Maybe some felt it a weakness if things like tacos and cats and rainbows brought them joy for no reason like they did for everyone else.

And maybe there was no point them stopping for Instagram pictures while travelling, because maybe the pictures on social media would feel as icky to them as how they felt when they were drowning in a sea of human sameness and were desperate to be seen and heard and unique and original.

I know because I remember feeling all of those emotions, craving significance, certainty, wanting to be seen and heard.

Not realising back then that truly being seen down to your soul only comes from connection, from community – in the realisation in small moments that we are inherently all the same.

Community and connection always wins.

I built my business on it.

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