kat abianac.

Should I Be Vulnerable Online About My Struggles?

It’s a conscious choice not to consistently over dramatise our hardships and struggles.

Firstly, because sometimes we SHOULD present it in a way that focuses on our previous events. We all have the right to story tell as we see fit to get the results that serve us best.

Referring to them instead as ‘challenges’ or ‘events’ is healthier, and it sure will over time rob them of their power, but it robs us of our current identity and we already struggled to build or rebuild that after trauma.

We are a work in progress and when we’re low, we fall into resonating with ourselves at our lowest points from our past as in that moment, neurologically they’re anchored there and just seem to make more sense and appear closer than they are.

Just know that you get to pick and choose when you fall into your story.

If you find yourself doing it often, and reflecting over time you notice it may have been to your detriment, that is a sign to work on reclaiming some of your power around how and where you tell your story.

Share from your scars, not from your wounds.

And people need to earn the right to your full story.

You never need to explain yourself further just because you’re asked to.

And you NEVER need to get vulnerable on the internet to sell your course or coaching.

Not everyone lives for extroversion and emojis.

There is a difference between sharing with purpose, to share a lesson you learned, tell a story, raise awareness… compared to revealing the rawest ouchiest parts of your soul because some business coach told you you don’t share enough.

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