kat abianac.

You’re Selling Milk, Not Gold

Gold is great! It’s worth lots of money, to absolutely everyone that owns it. Its value is extremely stable.

That means it’s worth the exact same thing to everyone. (Because it’s been marketed that way, for so long.)

Are you selling a digital product or service that’s gold?No.

You’re selling milk.

Lots of people are dairy intolerant.Some don’t want anything to do with what you’re about.Others consume it daily and will rely on it.Still more people will have some occasionally, buy it if it’s on special, love it in a coffee, but just always forget to make one.Sometimes they throw the rest of the milk out, because they can’t use it any more.

Do they take it back for a refund? No.Do they shake their fist at the cow? Heck no.Do they get mad at Woolworths for selling them the milk?


Here’s an important mindset trick to wrap your head around:

Have you ever bought a course or ebook, say, for $29 or $49 and haven’t logged in yet beyond a cursory glance but still plan on making the most out of it?

Of course. Most people have.

Are you mad at the person who sold it to you?

Of course not.

So stop projecting on your audience that they’ll hate your thing, when you haven’t even started selling it yet.

Start thinking of ways to help them get the most out of your thing, instead.

People get to make their own decisions on how they use your thing. You can make it easier, by:

  • Providing a portal they can log into
  • Sending them a little welcome message explaining step by step what’s next
  • Inviting them to a private Facebook group

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force people to drink your milk.

That doesn’t mean you should stop showing up and letting the world see your value… it means you should play full out even harder, so everyone who’s ever bought your stuff will value it even more greatly and go use their thing.

Kat xx