kat abianac.

Your ‘Fuck It’ Pricing Bucket

Fuck it. Here’s my rates.

Have you heard of ‘Fuck It’ quoting?

It’s when you know you could do the job, but it’s hard work, and would pull you away from your important revenue producing activities, and it’s a one off job, and you eventually just say ‘fuck it’ and quote something you consider outlandish.

Once I quoted a ‘fuck it’ price of $1500 for a single sponsored blog post. I genuinely didn’t want to do it, so I quoted the only amount that would make me happy, added on a nice photo shoot for them, and I was happy with the money. So were they with the content. I haven’t heard of anyone being paid similar for a sponsored post with my audience size and honestly I don’t care. That’s irrelevant here – when my copywriting hat is on, I charge FAR more than that for what I delivered.

They wanted it, it was excellent content, they will monetise that copy for years to come no doubt. I have zero doubt they still received value for money. (Maybe even more value than they would have gotten if I’d pitched $200…)

I handed a job to someone I mentor, that was outside my skill set and squarely in hers.

She was on the fence and also didn’t know how to price.

I talked her through a ‘fuck it’ quote, she quoted, (almost 5 figures), they accepted happily, she delivered the work over a few months (minimal time on her part but a lot of ‘check ins’, and a high level of specific knowledge and skills were needed on her part.)

Saw her recently, the job was finalised and customer happy.

The funny thing is, her ‘fuck it’ quote was far less than I’ve seen quotes for by smug looking folk in suits running those ‘bespoke agencies’ they conjure up straight out of university where they all sell vague consulting services and hire everyone else from their university in a great big circle jerk culminating in Friday whiskey at whatever dive bar is cool this week.

I’ve worked in government and I’ve seen some obscenely overpriced shit go down. Just saying.

She did a far better job than most of those could ever have done, because she knows her shit inside and out.

And she still doubted herself.

It’s not just knowing how to quote.

It’s understanding what you do is unique.

You potentially hold skills that took you years upon years to build.

Learn to evaluate your core abilities objectively against what your actual industry is turning out, and price accordingly.

If you can’t, ask for help.

Your pricing and your products are not for everyone.

Have a cheaper option for those who aren’t in a place to actually benefit from what you can offer them.

Your specific niched product not benefiting people who ‘kinda wants it in passing but can’t really afford it’ doesn’t mean it’s overpriced.

It means they shouldn’t be buying it.

If they need it; they’ll know, because you’ll explain it to them.

And stop knocking down the pricing structure of women (and men) around you. EVER.

It’s none of your business… literally.

It just means you’re not their target market.

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