Tea or Bedroom First?

Hey legend,

I often talk about really detailed, small problems and how to fix them.

Jadah Sellner spoke about this at a conference one, so let me paint you a word picture:

Imagine you’re on a first date.

You've JUST met. You’re getting along ok, you feel like you’ve just started getting to know this person and you like what you see.

Then, over their brunch, they lean forward and say, ‘Hey! I live around the corner! Wanna go back to my place and share a pot of tea?’

You get to their house, they walk in before you…

Then you’re chilling in their sitting room waiting for your cup of tea and you hear them call your name. FROM THE BEDROOM.

Umm… what would you do?

Side note: Tea is serious business. Don't break tea promises.

If your response was, 'Well I'd probably excuse myself and head off,' let me ask you,

Does this ‘going in for the kill’ behaviour, leading you to the bedroom, mean they were always a no for you?

Well, 5 minutes ago, maybe you wouldn’t have ruled it out permanently...

But the odds are higher now that you’ll not want to see them again.

Did it mean you didn’t like who they were? Not at all!

It just meant their timing SUCKED. You didn’t even get to find out if you like how they make your tea! And that’s an important quality.

For many people looking for something serious, they prefer dating to be a series of small, snowballed positive experiences so we know if something is worth their while.

And it’s the same for many people looking for a coach, product or service. They're serious, too.

So, consider trying this: How can you help someone get just ONE small win, instead of going in for the kill?

They might end up being yours for life.

They may not.

But either way you’ve helped them achieve something that they really really wanted to, and that’s pretty great.


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