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I’ve been coaching for a REALLY long time. Like, over a decade long.

Coaching folk who make their money in the online space? This is my 4th year. So to celebrate, I’m sharing with you things I’ve been asked in coaching from over the years.

Here’s a deep dive into some most secret fears and musings pulled from many conversations and coaching calls 6 figure + earners (anonymously, of course.)

‘Look, some days, it works. I just give myself these really hard expectations.’

‘Am I missing something?’

‘Do I suck, and Instagram are just like, hiding my stuff from people? Is there a big red flag on my account?’

‘I honestly feel like I’m doing everything right. The algorithm is just being super terrible now that everyone’s on TikTok.’

‘Should I do Reels? I prefer quotes. I suppose I should do video.’

‘I need better habits. What habits do I need to add in?’

‘Do shoutouts still work? I grew my account with them. I think they stopped working.’

‘Have you got any new scripts?’

‘I grew largely on niched engagement. I don’t know where to go from here.’

‘I honestly do 50 stories a day on autopilot. I just hate posting to main feed. What do I post?’

‘How do I use hashtags?’

See? Your Instagram questions are effectively THE SAME.

How cool is that?

Little problems use the same solutions as big problems.

What’s your ONE burning Instagram problem you’ve got right now? Head over and DM me, and I’ll solve it in Stories for you.

See you there! Click on my account below.

Kat xo

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