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How to Gain a Following and Launch Your First Product

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”– Walt Disney 

1. Learn that everyone struggles with an identity shift before you launch your first product, you unique little pony. It’s WEIRD showing up online doing stuff you haven’t done before. It’s fine. Suck it up, this is called paying your dues. All part of the level up. I promise you won’t be crying about it when you’re counting PayPal transactions.

2. Sit down and write out 100 names. This is your Dream 100. Heard of Dream 100? This is a strategy by a guy called Chet Holmes. It’s from a book called Ultimate Sales Machine and you should read it. Network Marketers used it for years before Internet Marketers jumped on the bandwagon.

3. Prepare to launch it before it’s perfect. If it’s perfect, you’re doing your audience a disservice… partly because you’re making their goals feel a little less achievable to them. Are you pretending like you’re a graphic designer or a large scale corporation? Stop it. You’re probably not. Just make it, write it, word doc + print as PDF. If you have a tonne of time and don’t like money as much, sure, go on the slight learning curve that is Canva. THIS IS YOUR FIRST LAUNCH. Not your first ‘make a thing’. Just get the info out. They’re not buying your nonexistent graphic design skills.

4. Message your Dream 100 names and add a bit of value to their lives, then follow up like relentlessly until they want your thing. You’ll probably sell 20 of your thing if you positioned it properly and your product kicks almighty arse.

5. Launch a Facebook group. Your people just need one thing in common. It’s totally ok for that to be a problem in common. You’re probably not the first one to have your great idea, to fix their problem, sorry. Few of my ideas are original. If you’re GOOD at solving problems, your good solution SHOULD look like someone else’s good solution, don’t you think? I just do the work, create the solutions and content and training, and consistently market myself while following up. Having said that.. there is a real possibility if you position it correctly and launch like a badass, you’ll make 6 figures real fast.

6. But there’s an even realer possibility that if you do the work, truly enjoy what you do, and let go of the outcome. Your overall success will be far greater. And THAT is what I’m talking about when I use the word positioning.

Love What You Create.

Stay in alignment with your actual values, beliefs and skill set.

It’s Ikigai. Now go launch your thing. I’m always on your team. Even if you’re still figuring out if this post even applies to you.

Start with your idea. It’s all you need. Who knows where you’ll end up?

Stay sparkly,Kat x