I believe the world needs women who say no.

No, I won’t carry that emotional workload for you.

No, I won’t remind you to do your tasks while also remembering my own.

No, I won’t create that significant sized report that a government employee already received wages to write.

No, I will not lower my voice.

No, I will not hide my anger when it is both right and righteous.

No, I will not hide my excitement or pleasure because it infuriates you to see a woman winning.

No, I will not accept less than my full worth in business.

No, I will not lay a red carpet out for anyone who wouldn’t already walk over broken glass for me.

No, I will not walk past injustice because charity begins in the home, my oxygen mask goes on first, or any other inane expression misused when I choose to multitask and right multiple wrongs because it conveniences me to.

No, I will not cook fresh meals from scratch every evening.

No, because I am female I will not provide exclusive care for my children when there is an entire community of appropriate & incredible supports around them.

No, I won’t take over from you because I could do it better. I will watch you do it badly. And I will hold you to account for not doing it better. I am kind, not ‘nice.’

I say no to anything less than discernment and intuition.

I want my discernment & intuition to lead me to a ‘no’ far faster than it ever does a ‘yes.’

Because if it’s not a Fuck Yes, it’s a No from me.

kat abianac.


kat abianac.