All of my courses are stored on Teachable, because it’s quick, easy and simple to set up. It’s a dream, and it changed the way I can do business. You don’t have to learn code, create pages from scratch, or do anything apart from fill in the blanks and transfer the content from your head to the modules. You can create your own account over here.


Convertkit is the most incredible email provider- designed just for us creators and coaches, it’s drag and drop.Anyone who tells you tech is required to be successful is seriously living in 2015. Come and join me, and finally you’ll get to email your list regularly without all the headaches. You can start building your email list over here.


In my years of doing business online, I’ve used a lot of tools to create nice checkout pages + take payments online.The reason why I love SamCart so much is because I have never had a payment not go through with them and they provide easy, stunning and, most importantly, converting checkout pages. I’m blown away by their continuous split-testing of designs, flows and the simplicity of it all from a user’s perspective.You can create beautiful checkout pages + take payments online over here.


This is the tool that I use to find hashtags that help my social visibility. Other than finding hashtags, it also gives me detailed reports on their respective competitiveness and reports on how the hashtags are actually performing.This makes it easy for me to see when it’s time to switch up my hashtag sets. Conclusion: definite time-saver and growth tool. You can start your free trial over here.


Dollar eighty, the strategy made famous by GaryVee, now has an incredible software created based on the principles of it! Dollar eighty encourages actively connecting with your community and your Instagram will explode as a result. Get registered and thank me later.


I’m a huge fan of essential oils, they’re the kick start for a low tox and holistic lifestyle which is critical for anyone striving for the most out of life for their families and selves. Register with a home essentials kit and shoot me an email so I can connect you with my DoTERRA community.

kat abianac.


kat abianac.