Who is Kat Abianac?

Kat Abianac is a serial Community Creator, professional Social Media Community Manager, mindset enthusiast and boundaries champion.

She was the Facebook Channel expert for the Australian Taxation Office, on their very small and epic social media team. (That’s basically the Australian IRS.)
Kinda dry, huh? Nope – it was AMAZING! But yes – lots of stats.

After cutting her teeth there with corporate socials, she moved full-time to becoming the Social Media Director for world famous influencer Constance Hall.

She would have stayed there forever in her dream job, but knowing there were more people who needed support to build their dream communities.. in 2017, she struck out on her own and founded Kat & Fox Digital, which is in now its 4th year.

A viral content creator, she realised long ago she enjoys building and supporting others’ success far more than going viral herself.

She’s incredible at building communities, and explaining the how and why. If you’d like help growing a community, join her group on the link below.

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