You look like you’re interested in partnering with me. With my years of experience in writing, running websites, small business start ups and large ones looking to reflect their core values with banging, to-the-minute relevant social proof, advertising with return on investment banking in all the right places, and creating meaningful connections to support your endeavours both online and at events, you’re well supported with your business goals.

In my past careers, I’ve led hundreds of staff to consistent success and had fun while I did it. With exceptional communication and the ability to make fast mistakes & move on, you’ll see the results difference and instant client feedback as soon as you start working with me.

In one of the fastest growing industries in the world, social media, hiring technical skills in-house can often be a massive waste of resources. Learn when to connect with your real-life clients online, and leverage my skills without paying for learning curves. Cutting edge digital best-practice tasks are outsourced to carefully curated Australian technical specialists.

If you dont have on-point socials which are a clear reflection of your brand & overarching line of sight… Why are you on the internet?

When you’re ready for a website, social & marketing strategy audit, email me at




Build Your Oily Tribe with kat

  • Training & Soical Media Expert Advice Provided
  • Access to Valuable resources that others have to pay for!
  • Private team building group & courses available