Are you a Wellness Advocate Building a Business Without a Supportive Upline?

There are many reasons Wellness Advocates find themselves loving essential oils, but minus a tribe of their own.

The most common are generally being enrolled by a loved one, friend or acquaintance who isn’t actively building a business and was simply sharing their incredible find with you.

I get it! I get your passion for these miraculous little bottles of light, and I understand why you want to share & grow a business with DoTERRA.

I get inboxes from Wellness Advocates without the support of a group or upline, who ask if they can cancel their existing account and start fresh under me or another active DoTERRA business builder.

In short, the answer is no. And you genuinely don’t need to- please don’t ever hold someone else responsible for your failure or success.

So here’s my list of suggestions to build your DoTERRA success.

  1. Log into your back office and find your Upline Listing under the purple Team tab. Email them all (if you keep it generic you can then copy paste most of it) asking if they can support you to grow your business, or can refer you to a group to help support you.
  2. Join my free Facebook group, by clicking here. You’ll get support with social media, mindset & growing your business.
  3. Visit the website regularly and use the rank planners.
  4. Use Presidential Diamond Jessie Reimers’ website, especially her PIPES training series. PIPES was developed by our incredible Double Diamond Leaders Natalie and Andy Goddard and it stands for Prepare, Invite, Present, Enroll, Support. You can find it here:
  5. Subscribe to Jessie Reimers’ YouTube channel here: 
  6. If you’re ranked Premier or Silver, join this super helpful leaders’ Facebook group here:
  7. Follow the DoTERRA Facebook page for post inspiration:
  8. Read ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay. (click here to buy on Amazon.)


Finally, don’t forget- to build a business in DoTERRA literally is to build your OWN community and tribe. Create the resources, do some tapping, stay in your abundance and note your negative thoughts coming from a place of scarcity or fear.

Ask not what your upline is doing for you- instead ask your upline what resources they’ve created or recommend for you to use within your business. And if they don’t have any that you feel support you, work out exactly what you wish you had, and create them for your OWN team.

Don’t have a website? Become a Patron here and I’ll build you a customised Wellness Advocate site. Or build one yourself in Squarespace, password lock the front if you feel the need, and use it as a resource for your builders.

All the best, and I can’t wait to see you grow and shine.



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