Viral Migraine Tip Really Works!

Tip to ease migraine suffering goes viral!

This clever tip to help ease the pain of migraines involves putting a peg on the webbing between your thumb and index finger.

Sharing on Facebook one frequent migraine sufferer wrote, “My head has been killing me over the last week and I have a peg in the car.. yes it might look daft but it bloody works. Yes it’s just a normal clothes peg. If it doesn’t work first time try moving it to find your pressure point. Don’t give up.”

She later added, “Yes I do suffer with really bad migraines to the point I would be in bed for days with them. This has really helped me!”

Her post has attracted over 72,000 shares. Massive response!

The pressure point between your thumb and index is actually one of the acupressure points often recommended to help ease headaches.

It is believed by applying pressure on this point it helps relieve back pain, frontal headaches, tooth ache and releases tension from neck and head.

The Third Eye Point is another pressure point to help ease head pain.

Located just between the two eyebrows where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead. Applying pressure on this region is said to help improve concentration, relieve eye strain, headaches, and even ulcer pains.

Peppermint and lavender are both great oils to help ease headaches. Why not pop in the diffuser and also rub them on your pressure points for some instant relief.

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