YOU CAN Create Essential Oil Video Content On A Budget

Yes, YOU CAN! Create Essential Oil Video Content On A Budget

Video content is expensive if you are having it produced professional level, however, you can totally do video content on a budget!

If you have been in the social media game for a little while now you have probably heard people say Video is KING when it comes to content. In some ways, this is accurate. Video content allows a Facebook user to absorb content easily without having to read. Video is also a more personal piece of content, displaying emotions and captivating audience with a story.

Can you be successful without video content? Yes, but you will need to work harder and create extremely high value text content to shatter the social media ceiling.

You can totally create content on a budget with video.


Live Streaming Is Free On Facebook, Instagram & Periscope!

Live streaming is rapidly becoming the best way to get content out for your audience to lap up. It is currently offering the highest reach due to the simple function of letting your audience know when you have jumped onto a live stream. There is no other piece of content that announces your presence like Live Streaming does.

Make it a challenge to show up at least twice a week with a piece of live stream content and slowly, watch your content gain traction.

If you are looking to build confidence around your live streaming it would be worth joining my Facebook group. You will also receive support from fellow business builders on the same journey.

Check out my dual live stream with Katya Varbanova for more Live streaming goodness.

Katya Hosts a Live Streaming School where she teaches her students to build a brand through live streaming HERE.


You Don’t Need To Be A Pro Editor To Create Video Content

Lumen 5 – FREE Video Content On A Budget

Have you created blog articles before that perform well? Summarise this up in a video using Lumen5. Bloggers such as Darren Rowse from ProBlogger have recommended and used this tool in their highly engaged groups on Facebook, attracting loads of positive feedback about the service.

Lumen5 is an online video content creator which helps you pull together short videos based on the content you provide. You can simply paste in your URL and cut highlights from your blog article, add music and choose background photos and your video is done.

Get their AppSumo FREE deal (1 May 2018) by clicking here: 




Quik & Splice App – DIY Video Content On A Budget

The Quik App was created by GoPro however, You don’t need a GoPro to use it! You can import pictures straight from your smartphone and create a short creative video very easily with the Quik App. These videos are awesome to create event highlights for Facebook Video Content.

Our Community Manager and content creator, Kate Shelby, uses the Quik App to create sponsored event, reviews and travel films. These can be posted across all platforms, including Youtube. GoPro have also created the Splice app which is for those who have a more intermediate skill level for video content.

For those with limited skills, you can use the app generated film when importing your pictures and vide. If you have intermediate skills you can select highlighted areas to show off, slow down, speed up sections of your video, tweak sound levers and add filters + titles.

The Quik App also has a desktop version.



Canva + iMovie – DIY Video Content On A Budget

Despite being basic, iMovie has some functions which other platforms like Windows Movie Maker do not have. Using Canva, you can create image overlays for iMovie and neatly pop them over the top of stock video with a click of a button. This is fantastic for custom captions, watermarks or full image overlays with a product and message to deliver. Below is an example of a very basic video clip using iMovie and Canva.

Just like Quik & Splice, iMovie offers generated video content using your imported video and images.

You can access loads of FREE video stock for your content base HERE.




Fiver – Outsource Video Content On A Budget

Fiverr is a fantastic place to visit if you don’t even want to create your own content! For as little as $5 – $10 you can purchase video intros and editing services using the content you provide. For some people outsourcing content creating frees up hours which can be used to focus on other areas of business building.


 Something To Focus On Now

Just remember when it comes to creating content, done is better than perfect. The only way you will grow and learn it to test your skills and the market. If something flops, don’t lose faith. Even brand leaders of the world don’t get their content on point every time. The important thing is to be authentic and show up.


How To Create Impressive Image Content

You can access HEAPS of free tools online to help with your creative images. Check out my list of free tools and resources to get started and sign up for a huge file of FREE Doterra transparent images below. I will also send you a quick email any time one of our team create a free tools for your essential oil business!


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