The “Wicked” Truth About Your Friends In MLM’s

Just saw a post in my newsfeed asking where to get a certain product that was NOT from MLM. Hooooeey ok. Let’s go.

FYI, MLM = Multi-level marketing

Did you know that 85% of people who buy products from MY network marketing company, DoTERRA, are literally NOT building a business?


I do NOT aim to ‘recruit marketers’ to ‘do the business.’

I didn’t even have the TINIEST bit of interest in building a DoTERRA business when I first enrolled. Even though my friend was making 13k a month from ‘doing the business.’ I just wanted the damn oils so I could go low tox.

I’m a customer of 4 or 5 companies with a network marketing structure, because I’m not averse to getting ACTUAL support with my products. I kinda like it tbh.

It took me two years to ‘do the business’ because I am risk averse and have a lot to lose.

I permanently quit my very well paying job in government social media for a combination of opportunities that allowed me to make best use of my passions and skills. I am so proud DoTERRA is a part of that and becoming a larger and larger part.

Yes, DoTERRA pays my daycare and groceries and keeps growing proportionate to the time I put in, and it’s not even my primary income.

Did you know that DoTERRA is literally one of the safest and most foolproof ways for people to try a business of their very own?

Did you know that MOST people building a DoTERRA business, are perfectly happy collecting enough to cover their groceries and daycare? Honestly, what is wrong with a friend of yours wanting that in this season of their life?

It’s actually not always about financial freedom and infinite abundance and changing the world.

Sometimes it’s just about receiving really great customer service from a good (or new) friend.

So reach out to a friend of yours and get your kit, they will over service you like crazy and introduce you to your new community.

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