The ‘Miracle’ DIY Cleaning Solution You Need to Make ASAP!

This is the cleaning mixture being labelled a ‘miracle spray’ around the country.

‘HOLY EFFING S***! This stuff really is a miracle solution,’ one woman’s post on Facebook began.

‘I’m embarrassed by how gross my cooktop actually was but just HATED scrubbing it clean, so I simply just didn’t do it.

‘It hardly took any effort or time at all to clean with the miracle solution and a microfibre cloth… amazing!’, she added.

The spray only requires five household ingredients.

1.5 litres of water (including one cup boiling)
300ml of vinegar
60ml dishwashing liquid
25ml eucalptus oil (you could also add some drops of lavender, on guard or wild orange oil)
3 teaspoons of washing soda

Step 1. Gather 1.5 litres of water (one cup of which should be boiling), 300ml of vinegar, 60ml dishwashing liquid, 25ml eucalyptus oil and three teaspoons of washing soda – which is also known as sodium carbonate.

Step 2. Simply mix the washing soda with about one cup of boiling water to dissolve.

Step 3. Add the remaining ingredients and pour it all into a two litre bottle – ideally one with a spray nozzle that will allow for easy application on a variety of surfaces.

Simply spray it on then let it sit for 10 minutes before wiping, you don’t need to scrub anything.

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