The Lost Art of the Conference Napkin

This guy looks pretty happy, and I think I know why!

He has no social media newsfeeds.

He switched them all off.

(Apart from his support group for his company’s sales funnel mapping tool Funnelytics™.)

He literally unfollowed everything in his feed over about 4 days.

After spending some time talking to him, I noticed a few things different about him to others in our space and I’m sharing them now.

1. He doesn’t place his phone face down to help him pay attention to conversations. (It’s a trick I see many marketers use, and it’s very indicative of how committed to the conversation they are.)

He doesn’t need to, because he doesn’t really get distracted by notifications in the first place.

2. He wears a watch, and I never once saw him check his phone. He checks his watch instead for the time, which for an entrepreneur is a massive life hack for not getting sucked back into emails or a vortex of to-do’s.

3. If he wants to make a point or show you something, he doesn’t pull out his phone and google things. He pulls out a napkin and borrows a pen from a server. Then he draws you a picture.

This is truly the lost art form of the conference napkin. Try it.

Want to change your life? Go through your newsfeed right now and then notifications off on any post calling out people on their mistakes or that make you feel bad about who you are, or who make you feel like you should be something you’re not and never before wanted to be.

You actually DON’T have to consume content from your friends list to ‘keep up.’

Mikael runs a multi million dollar company and still looks pretty happy with his life despite no newsfeed, wouldn’t you say?


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