How To Successfully Run A Business From Home When You Have a Child With Additional Needs

Work life balance so different for ALL parents, and no two situations are alike. When you throw in a child with additional needs above and beyond regular parenting responsibilities.. well, now we’re going next level.

One of the main things I’ve learned on my parenting/business journey is there’s a solution for pretty much every problem- but sometimes I have an incredibly hard time finding the solutions.

Why? Well, mostly it’s been mindset. I tell myself (all very true, and accurate) things like,

-I’m a single mum

-My son has higher care needs than other kids his age

-It’s impossible to work and look after my child in the way that he needs

-I don’t have anyone to look after my kids

-It’s too hard and I can’t afford to get tired- then I get cranky and he misbehaves

-No one understands how hard MY personal situation is- and I’m worried to reach out for help for fear of triggering judgement from someone who has it worse off than me

-I’m constantly worried I’ll hurt/injure myself and burn out, and then I’m useless to anyone including my children



I’m happy to say, after a HUGE amount of work on my mindset and business skill sets over the last 5 years, I’m able to comfortably look after my family and have eliminated many of the things which used to be my BIGGEST blockers. Things like-

-I’m still a single mum, and I realise it’s actually not an excuse- it just makes things more of an achievement for me because it’s PLAIN BLOODY HARDER.

-My son still has high care needs, but I can afford to pay other people to share the workload

-I CAN work and look after my child in the way he needs, because over the last two years I allowed him to grow healthy relationships with caregivers other than me (this was painful and triggering, and I’m happy to report an incredible success and I’m so proud of him AND myself for relinquishing control.)

-I have more help with my children, because I swallowed my pride which was something I struggled with and started asking for what I needed (and paid for it) until the best solution was found for my family

-It IS still hard, but money surprisingly made lots of my problems go away, like being tired all the time- I go to gym regularly now, and make better food choices as well as support myself emotionally with high quality essential oils- the same ones I sell in my business.

-I don’t worry I’ll burn out, because I started my snowball slowly and I built up the amount I could do proportionate with the amount of self-care I could afford to take and childcare I could afford. I worked minimum two jobs at any one time for two years, until I had the skills to fully replace my income when I quit my final corporate role.

-I worry less about being judged now- my intentions and the outcomes I’m creating for my family mean everything to me, and you ARE entitled to build your life in the way you see fit for your family.

-I’m physically stronger, and it makes me so sad to realise the impact being a full-time carer who isolated herself away from her networks had on my body, my brain and my physical wellbeing. Even when I physically couldn’t work, even staying connected in Facebook groups could help and at times I isolated myself even from those. Now I’m out in the real world again, I am so grateful I swallowed the fear on so many occasions and did the work. It’s all been so incredibly worth it. And I’ve only just started!

Now, some of the above may resonate with you- some may not. It’s my personal journey, no-one else’s and if this made you feel connected or inspired, or you found parts relatable, that’s all I could ask for.

So, what are my top tips for successfully running a business from home?


  1. Wake up every morning and take 10 minutes to review the day before. Note: this can be a painful process. Ask yourself these questions:

Where was I most uncomfortable yesterday?

Where was I happiest yesterday?

What lessons and learnings are there?

Then just write down what comes up. You’ll start identifying the same stories appearing over and over. Some you’ll be able to eventually move and shift, as you skill up.


2. Surround yourself with likeminded people.  Do a mental checklist of where you spend your time each day, and another one of where you can find people who align with your business and personal goals. It may not be practical to book a babysitter and roll in to the nearest meet up group- it certainly wasn’t for me. But when you write it down and aim toward it, you CAN make it happen.

3. When you write checklists and look at your reality of where you spend your time, you may start finding gaps where you can work on business related things. For me, when my son was on oxygen and breastfeeding, that nursing time was when I would write blogs. Have you browsed this website? For years, most of them were written while Parker had his breakfast, lunch or dinner!

4. Write your goals down daily. It will change your life.

5. Track every cent of the income you earn from your efforts. I was paid $50 for my first blog post and I was so over the moon excited I almost ran into my stairs daydreaming about how I would spend my money. I haven’t earned a single dollar since that felt as incredible as receiving that first freelance paycheck- money I made from my own efforts, not from an employer. My DoTERRA checks grow and grow each month, and I track every cent alongside my marketing clients, my social media course sales, and I make sure to celebrate even though it feels wrong or weird a lot of the time. That stuff is money blocks coming up! It is SAFE to earn money- and it is safe to do it YOUR way.

6. Carve out an area in your home just for YOU. (if you’re like me, you have zero privacy.) I don’t have an office- tried it, didn’t work. I have a corner in my lounge room and that’s where I work from- guilt free. When I’m working, I’m working. It’s my safe little zone and being out in the open means I can keep an eye on my children without freaking out about them being in another room. I go with grace and remind myself I can only do what I can do each day. Progress is progress- no matter how slow. That first $50 snowballed, but first I had to take the leap and get started.

7. Switch off the TV and listen to podcasts instead. TV is a great way to escape reality, but educating yourself on something you’re passionate about will light a spark you forgot you had. They don’t have to be business podcasts. YouTube makeup tutorials might be your jam, learning new recipes, Instant Pot or Thermomix devotees, starting a blog, knitting, sewing children’s clothing, or WHATEVER it is. Just get involved in a community outside special needs parenting. I promise it will always be there for you- but you are more than a special needs parent.


There were experiences and opportunities waiting for me that I’d forgotten to dream were possible. Since quitting my corporate job, I’ve:

-Been to Fiji on a retreat

-Worked as the social media director for Constance Hall

-Been republished by pretty much every big parenting website in Australia

-Written countless blogs which have generated millions of views on topics I’m passionate about

-Rebooted my entire life using incredible, high quality essential oils, natural supplements, and dietary changes that actually WORKED

-Travelled to Sydney and Melbourne for work, and left my children at home without freaking out (my near panic anxiety levels never allowed for that any sooner)

-Developed relationships with incredible people I never thought I’d connect with, because I stepped out of my comfort zone and started going to events again

-Launched a multiple 6 figure course and grew an online business which means I get my natural supplements & oils for free, plus pay for my son’s care and help with my day to day bills (and goes up each month.)


I never thought this would be possible, and if I’d waited until I KNEW it was possible- well, I literally wouldn’t have started. Fear is crippling, but the only way to move through fear is by taking action. So start slow, and push yourself. You’ve totally got this. If you’ve made it through what you have so far- I don’t think there’s much in life you’re not capable of. Big events have a way of levelling us up as humans, and special needs parents are some of the most incredibly strong and resilient people I know.

If you’ve been considering getting into business but you’re unsure what opportunities suit you best, get in contact with me for a free strategy session. I’m happy to help you discuss if joining my DoTERRA team as I scale to 7 figures is something you’d like to be a part of. I’d love to share more about it and how I did it personally!


So why did I choose DoTERRA, from all the options that were on the table for me?

The DoTERRA business model is PERFECT FOR ME.

I love sharing, educating, training people in business and creating trainings for my team to use too. I love networking and learning about the lives of others. What could be more perfect than sharing stuff I already use and love?

Why did the business model feel like a secret? Well, I kinda thought it was too good to be true. So, I was a bit slow off the mark. And I’m genuinely sorry I didn’t introduce you to my oily world sooner.

I mean, out of everyone I know, I should have been a believer. I mean, I’d used DoTERRA a long time, and would always happily share with friends.

In fact, one of my closest friends and the person who drew me to the oils in the first place, Jessie Reimers, is a DoTERRA Leader… ranked Presidential Diamond, she earns well over a million dollars a year and achieved this within 3.5 years of starting her DoTERRA business.

Who actually makes THAT kind of money?

Not everyone, of course. We can’t all be Jessie Reimers.

Mindset is one of the biggest reasons I didn’t start sooner. My own stories got in the way, and reminded me that something which is too good to be true usually is.

But, guess what?

I’m not telling you that you can sit on the couch, click buttons on your iPhone, and make a million dollars. Good luck to ya.

I’m telling you that if you already do ONE or more of the following- you have a SPRINTING HEAD START in the world of DoTERRA.

-Have run an online retail store

-Have built business online

-Have presented or run workshops or trainings in ANY industry

-Have worked FOR yourself

-Have an existing audience you can educate and share with, online or offline

-Have studied making money online using social media or ecommerce, and have your head around the basics

-Or have run ANY kind of offline business…

5-6 figures IS achievable for everyone with DoTERRA, simply by sharing and educating. The earning opportunity is limitless, and in direct proportion to your existing + learned skills, and the time you put in to growing a tribe.

WHY do I know this to be true?

-Everyone knows DoTERRA. It’s no Amway, or a crazy MLM requiring you to enrol countless people to ‘fund your growth’. In fact, 68 percent of people who purchase DoTERRA oils come back and order more. In the direct selling industry, this average percentage is more like 10%. What does this mean?

These are incredibly freaking good products, and only ten years into DoTERRA’s existence, 5 million people already know it. They’re already by far the largest Essential Oils direct selling company in the WORLD.

Stocked in retailers, yoga studios, chiropractor offices and countless ecommerce stores, people generally buy DoTERRA essential oils for the purity & quality- NOT for the business opportunity. In fact, only 15% of people with a wholesale account are even building a DoTERRA business.

-They’re ethically sourced. Oils are co-impact sourced from their country of origin, and I can tell you more about this in person.

-The amount you can earn is really quite limitless. doTERRA is not an ‘illegal’ pyramid scheme and you can easily outrank people above you, it is a direct selling company where you are rewarded for sharing!

-You can simply help people get their OWN wholesale access to the oils, as well as sell retail if you wish. There is NO minimum monthly order for your customers, unless they’d like to do what you’re doing and start sharing and earning commission, which also benefits you! If you want to earn commission, there is a min monthly order of 100pv. In Australian $ is equal to around $120-$140 depending on what you order. See the full price list for wholesale prices and PV value. But the best bit is you can use your commission to cover this! It can also be started or stopped at any time.

Industry Leading Retention

dōTERRA enjoys a 65 percent retention rate, compared to a direct selling industry average near 10 percent. After joining dōTERRA, 65 percent of all customers reorder, continue to share dōTERRA products, or build a dōTERRA business. Why?

  • Customers and Wellness Advocates are satisfied with product value
  • High satisfaction levels lead to a desire to share products and success with others
  • Product sales leaders recognize the value of dōTERRA’s powerful compensation plan

Learn more here:

or contact me on the form below for a confidential chat about this business opportunity or collaborations. If you’re a blogger or influencer, NO MATTER the size or even if you’ve started yet, I’d love to collaborate! I also provide massive amounts of business training to get you on the right track.

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