Stop Putting So Much Pressure on Yourself!

Wellness Advocate Jessie Reimers shares a great reminder that your worth and value are not tied to achieving a certain title, rank or goal.

Jessie explains how she used to (when I say used to let’s be real it’s still very much something I’m doing major work on, she added) tie her worth so tightly to achievements.

“Then when I achieved them couldn’t understand why I still didn’t feel good enough.

Why I still didn’t feel seen, valued, loved, heard or respected by so many.

Because I failed to understand that my value and worth had to absolutely come from within, always. And that it had nothing to do with any external achievement or validation and never would.

That any goal achieved would just be a natural outcome over time of powerfully and positively impacting lives for good.

And that actually achieving it became a lot less challenging when I already knew my worth from within, and then shared from a place of absolute joy, from a strong belief that essential oils and natural products and that this opportunity and community have a massive and hugely positive impact on people.

What if you stopped placing such immense pressure on yourself.

And what if you rediscovered the absolute joy of sharing, of touching another life, of teaching, of influencing, of caring, REALLY caring for others.

What if you stopped operating from fear, anxiety and desperation.

Or from a place of being totally paralysed in case you don’t make it and therefore you’re not worth anything so you may as well not even try, and just lie in bed, knowing you could be helping people, but procrastinating and scrolling Facebook, comparing yourself to others and feeling pangs of jealously as you let fear take over.

What if you just let go and trusted yourself. Followed your heart, listened to your gut and experienced the absolute child like joy of sharing your gifts, value and joy with the world.

What if you celebrated THAT and felt the fulfilment of making a difference to each life you touch. Filled your cup from that and chose to share, consistently, unashamedly, bravely, passionately and with total unwavering belief in yourself and what you’re doing.

All of the other stuff would just fall away. All that’s left would be you in your absolute magnificence, which would draw others in like a magnet to share the journey with you.

And whether that goal came to fruition this month, or whether it takes a little longer, you will have genuine joy and celebration in your heart for who you are and what you do. And you’ll show up and KEEP showing up long term for the joy of it.

Take a breath. Or several, long deep ones. Put on your favourite oils. Choose to release the pressure and expectation and the paralysation and pain that can come with freaking out about your goal.

And choose to revel in the joy and magic of what you do. Of the power you have to change peoples lives!

It’s freaking incredible what we do. Let’s not lose the joy and wonder of it. It’s far too special.

You’ll surprise yourself with what is created from this space.

And when you do achieve that goal you’re going for, because it’s only a matter of time, you’ll be able to properly celebrate and enjoy it. Because you’ll know your true worth outside of any goal or title. And you’ll know that the goal is just another representation of the difference you’ve made and the joy, service, support, help and HOPE you’ve brought others.


This post was originally written by Jessie Reimers, Wellness Advocate

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