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Start With Why

Welcome to Day 4 of our 30 Day Challenge!

I hope you’re feeling like your social media, business & inbox detox is well underway.

Have you made room for new things by clearing the old? I find it one of the most liberating and inspiring activities you can do in business.

If you haven’t followed all the steps perfectly so far in this challenge, I want you to to STILL continue!

Don’t feel guilt, don’t add the missed challenge items onto your to-do list. This isn’t about holding you accountable by creating additional work. You’ve physically written down, or thought about the activities you’d like to let go of.. now let your subconscious do the heavy lifting for you over the coming weeks.

You still being here and showing up, is the most important part! If you’re feeling inspired and your brain is ticking over with ideas and changes, you’re on the right path.

Your challenge for Day 4:

Decide WHY you’re showing up to get results over the next 4 weeks, and tell me about it in the comments on this blog.

P.S This task is not about ‘fixing your life.’ This is not ‘fixing your social media so it’s perfect.’ This is simply deciding why you’re completing this challenge, right now- and helping you find your flow & bigger reasons for doing what you do.

To help you set your intention and find your ‘Why’, here is your task.

Watch this very famous 18 minute TED Talk video by Simon Sinek, called ‘How Great Leaders Inspire Action.’

Click here to read the transcript instead, if you’re not a video watcher.


As Simon Sinek said, ‘We follow those who lead, not for them, but for ourselves. And it’s those who start with “why” that have the ability to inspire those around them or find others who inspire them.’

(Did you write down yesterday the two things are grateful you bring to the world? Use this as a reference point and see if you still feel the same way after watching Simon’s talk above.)

Here’s an affiliate link to his full book on Amazon, if you’d like to delve deeper with this. It’s highly recommended by many DoTERRA Leaders, and for good reason.


See you in the comments section,

Stay sparkly!


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  1. I’m showing up because I know I have a lot to offer the world and the world needs all that I can offer right now. We live in a world that can be very difficult and have challenges. I want to improve the lives of those around me, so they can focus on family, friends and loved ones to thus improve their lives. Basically, passing it forward. My Why is to improve the lives of people and pets and their bond.

    1. Here my why I’m sick of people putting me down all the time. I know my Doterra business is going to help me help everyone I cross paths. I don’t care if they don’t share my opinions about the essential oils but I’m truly blessed to have them in my life. I’m learning everyday about myself my strengths n self development either all the challenges I join after finding Doterra.This year I’m letting go of worrying about what people think if it does not serve Me.

  2. Hi!
    Here’s my why: I would like to simplify my business life and make it more organised so that I have a better balance over things.
    Thank you for the guidance and help.

  3. Wow… powerful reading…makes sense when it’s pointed out to you. Apart from the end result of extra finances…. I believe we should be taking it back to nature…stop using so many pharmaceuticals and chemicals….we are making ourselves sick… I’m convinced of it… I’m providing a better alternative…. I’m not always great with words and often tend to get too invested with my excitement and it scares some people I think… it’s a delicate balance…or maybe they just aren’t “my people”

  4. My Why has always been about helping people take better care of themselves and to be healthier and happier (I’m a pharmacist at my bucket job) and now, my Why is to get my business to a place where I am still able to help people, but more on my schedule and in any setting, not just at the pharmacy, and with more natural solutions. While I’m at work, I feel I can’t share my business with them in case it goes against policy, even though what I have to offer is so much more beneficial to my patient than what they’re picking up from their doctor or they’re complaining about side effects! Hopefully there will be a healthcare shift to integrative medicine soon!

  5. I want to leave a legacy of a way of living for my children and others.
    I want to live with a FULL heart by helping others in health, wellness in body and mind.

  6. My why is to help me move into a positive space in my personal life so I can help others and also so I can continue to build my businesses.

  7. My Why: I wish to empower people with knowledge so that they too can become empowered with knowledge. I am but one small drop of water in a ever growing pool, but the ripple from me spreads far and wide. Imagine our world if we shared this vision.

  8. My why is because I am having major surgery on the 17 the of this month and want my social mediabto work for me while I am unable to be online for a couple of days. Also so I can concentrate on my oil business only without getting side tracked.

  9. My “WHY” is that I want to share and educate others about the benefits of essential oils in their lives and how the usage of oils can impact their lives with a healthier lifestyle.

    Greatly enjoyed the video!!

  10. I’m finding nursing is not as empowering as I once thought. .
    I love educating people, I love helping them gain control, I am passionate about informed choices. DoTERRA alpes me to do all of this and more. Making reall connections. Giving people choices that are true and natural. Seing them thrive.
    Also lead by example for my family.

  11. I have found something in this that combines my two main career passions – health and education. I am here to give this business everything I can throw at it and I want to learn as much along the way as I can. I love the fact that it is up to me to drive this and if I give it everything I’ve got, I’m sure to reap the rewards.

  12. I’m showing up daily because it is time for me to shine brighter and stop shrinking back down within myself. I am a capable & inspiring dōTERRA leader who is inspired by people like YOU Kat , to stop being afraid and just go for it!!

  13. The video was completely inspiring! I love the connection and it really helped me think about my ‘Why’. As a teacher by day, my ‘Why’ is to teach others about improving their health in a more natural and positive way. I want others to look and explore other solutions for wellness rather than reaching for toxic products to put into their bodies.

  14. My why is simple. I know I am capable of so much more but hide behind the – what if’s.
    I want to be able to set the RIGHT example to my son and others around me and for my business to grow the RIGHT way. I need to have the right balance between home life, family and work without feeling guilty when I spend time in any one area for a little longer.
    I want my business which includes reiki, crystals, meditation, tarot and oils to grow together so that I am no longer part time but full time where my time is organised .

  15. I am showing up for this challenge because I am tired of feeling overwhelmed by everything, not reaching my goals and getting distracted and losing sight of my goals. The decluttering physically, electronically, etc. and letting go of things that don’t serve me are a big part of what I am working on in January so this fit perfectly with that.

  16. For me this is a mindful practice that I can carry throughout my day. I have some huge biz goals for this year, so it’s the perfect activity to help achieve them xo

  17. My WHY is a burning desire to help and empower people to achieve & live their best lives possible, by making simple, natural,healthier choices.

  18. I’m here for this challenge to keep pushing myself, developing myself, and to keep learning about myself. So decluttering physically and electronically has rippled out to my husband taking part! We’ve been needing this for a looong time, and it’s bringing so much relief to both of us individually and as husband and wife.

  19. My why is to make an impact and change lives especially those of small children. I’m right into low tox living and believe chemicals play a huge role in why we are so challenged by sickness. My why starts with educating mums pre conception to think about how they can create the heaviest start for their new baby. It brings me joy to change a life in this way. I’m doing this challenge to realign myself and my business for an amazing fresh start to 2018. Thanks Kat for your guidance x

  20. I get a kick out of being able to offer natural solutions to people I talk to in so many situations right on the spot.. having an ever growing knowledge base about something I’ve quickly become so passionate about.. my why is SHARING and engaging others to start their own journeys and engage others..
    I didn’t start out this way.. my enroller dropped me like it’s hot.. which put me off sharing.. thankfully I’ve found my voice..
    But I’ve manifested all ‘mini me’s’ in my tribe.. people who don’t talk, don’t trust their oils and don’t really share…
    I’m so super keen to change my mindset and theirs.. to open their hearts and eyes to the opportunities available… oh yeah, the free oils and pocket money are a great bonus!

  21. I have really struggled with defining my why? But I am committed to spending more time with my kids. I need to make doTERRA work so I can afford to pay medical bills, get my family out of debt. I want to be able to take my family on a vacation. I want to have a less stressful life!

  22. My why is to help others around me transform their lives & health. There are so many that need help & I need to be better organized so that I can better serve those people along with my family..

  23. My WHY is that I know I have an amazing way of reaching people through my teaching and want to tap into that skill by combining my love of teaching with my passion for natural solutions. We need fewer quick fixes and more maintenance in our lives. We all gotta slow down and notice more.

  24. Is this like why do I wake up every morning and devote so much of my waking hours promoting essential oils? Why do I believe what I believe about the product and why is achieveing health and wellbeing so intrinsically meshed with changing my lifestyle, choosing healthy options and being mindful and why do I need to do this anyway? WHy I do what I do: for health, wellbeing, personal development, and to help others unlock this door too. xxx

  25. Why am I showing up each day… to declutter my head… declutter my life… simplify my business into easily achievable tasks so I can move forward to helping more people achieve their health, wellness goals for all aspects of their life and in turn achieve mine… xx

  26. My why is to help caregivers and their special needs children to live more productively, happily, & healthy lives naturally. My husband & I adopted 3 special needs children 11 years ago and these oils have been a blessing physically & emotionally for my family.

  27. My why is for one, to actually commit and follow through with something. Even when it gets hard or too emotional. I want to learn more about myself and my why. I need people to hear my story. My why I guess is because I want people to get the benefits myself and my family have had. To dig a lill deeper, to find there way out and to follow their path. I want for people to experience all that doterra has brought to our lives. Wow, I was still unsure when I started typing. Then it started to flow. See this is why I am here being present with you for 30 days xxx

  28. I believe everyone deserves the ability to understand their body and to know how to, when appropriate, swiftly, effectively and efficiently care for that body. I believe nature offers us what we need to care for ourselves. I believe people deserve to feel empowered in their wellness and to feel connected to themselves and nature. I believe this will bring about greater healing to the global community.

  29. I believe people deserve to feel well and healthy in their bodies. I believe people deserve the ability to understand and heal themselves swiftly, effectively and efficiently, and to know truly when a doctor or hospital is needed. I believe nature has provided us with what we need to feel whole, well and connected and that a strong connection to nature and and ourselves will bring greater healing and harmony to the global community.

  30. I’m showing up each day because to become more of a positive person and to help me achieve goals each every day

  31. I’m showing up to bring back self-worth, to believe that I can and will confront and conquer any challenge that crosses my path. To show my girls that when you put your mind to any task you can and will achieve it . To provide a better place for all, enhance, engerise and enrich ones life in mind, body, soul and with financial gain as a reward for your belief.

  32. I’m here because I’m a life long learner and am always looking for better ways to do things. I’m currently trying to put together a plan for my social media for the year so I don’t feel so reactive to promos/holidays that I know are coming!

  33. I want to share what I know and learn with others, so they too can live a healthier happier life. I want to plant the seed with people to show them what is possible so when they are ready to take that step for themselves, they will know where/how to start. I want to show people it’s never too late to discover your purpose in life and that no matter how long it takes, don’t stop looking. I know that sharing with others, without expecting anything in return, will attract great rewards to me.
    thank you Kat.

  34. I am showing up for this challenge because I am tired of feeling overwhelmed by everything, not reaching my goals and getting distracted and losing sight of my goals.

  35. My Why is to be here for my children and grandchildren.
    Also to share these wonderful oils, because I read and see so much sickness in this world . With having older parents and health issues here and there I feel very lucky to have them, but also to be able to help them in different ways. Being here, or physically doing something for them, and sharing the oils with them.

  36. I believe doTerra and this business give back to Earth and Humanity the natural respect they need, going back to the essential and respect the air we breathe is my priority.

  37. I can honestly say that I am at home with these oils – they help me and my family every day and I want to do the same for others.
    My why is to be able to do something I Love every day, to be able to provide for my family and allow my husband to relax a little in his full time work.
    I’m following this challenge for inspiration beyond my front door and local school or market. Thanks Kat xo

  38. My Why for the next 4 weeks, is to empower me to be able to empower others through the awesome journey of doTERRA and the amazing essential oils as an alternative to many things that are making us sick. I need to feel organised in my head to feel that i can make a difference in other peoples lives through this journey.

    Thank you KAT for this amazing opportunity x

  39. My why. I is because I’m sick of being in a rut. I want my business to move forward so I decided to do this challenge to make a change in my life.
    Get new ideas and broaden my horizons.

  40. I believe that every family can be empowered with natural solutions for their family’s health so that they are able to release the feelings of helplessness and frustration that hold them back and instead be equipped to focus on those things that are essential for an abundant and joyful family life.

  41. My why? I drank the koolaid and believe essential oils are doing things for me in a very positive manner. I hope to educate others so that they see the benefits as I do.

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