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Letting Go of What Doesn’t Serve You

Welcome to Day 1 of our 30 Day Challenge!


Today I want you to spend some time reflecting on what I believe is the most important thing in business, and it’s certainly not setting endless resolutions.


It’s letting go of past ideas, successes and failures alike.


Subscriptions you’re paying, just because you ‘think’ you might need them in future.

Emails you’re yet to mark as ‘read’, just in case you need the discount code.

Webinars you mean to watch – yet, every newsletter you get from the creator just gives you guilt about your ‘to-watch’ list.

Today, on Day 1 of our 30 Day Challenge, I give you permission to let go of what doesn’t serve you.


I want you take take a piece of paper (real paper!) and a pen.

Think, ‘where am I spending my mental energy that doesn’t give me a return on investment?’

And write down what you commit to letting go of.

You know what it is already. It’s the one you think about every few days, first thing in the morning, and you haven’t let go of it because you don’t quite have ENOUGH reason to, yet.

It could be:

An extra Facebook group you keep meaning to bring to life 

A marketing strategy that never got off the ground

A blog idea you keep meaning to finish, but you’ve lost the creative spark for

A new income stream idea you’re not ‘really’ into any more

Well, this is your permission! I give you full permission to let it go.


Your challenge for Day 1:

Write a note to yourself.. ‘Dear Future Kat, today I give you permission to let go of ……’

Now keep it somewhere safe, like your purse or bedside drawer. This will be important tomorrow- you’ll need it!

See you tomorrow,

Stay sparkly!


P.S. feel free to share in your groups and encourage your team to join us! They can jump in at any time during the 30 days.

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  1. things i had kept putting off throughout the year which hasn’t happened yet:
    getting business cards made up
    getting oily cards made for my samples
    trying to hold parties
    So far today i have bite the bullet and i have ordered my business card and happy with the designs of them, getting my oily sample cards made up and also stickers to put on my giveaways.

  2. Bite the bullet and hire a new house cleaner because I lost my old one two months ago and I’m drowning in cleaning! So let go of cleaning? Let go of the dredge of bringing in a new person to clean my stuff?

  3. I am letting go of a couple of fb groups/pages. At first I followed everything related to the biz and now I have so many I spend too much time remembering which is which etc. So I have chopped out the noise, and kept what I need.
    Ps is this where we write our comments….so bad with technology !

  4. I need to filter through the emails I get and keep the ones that help me build my business and eliminate the ones that don’t. I also don’t need 5 people telling me the same information. I have my favorites that I always reference. I love to cook and have an excessive amount of recipes that I have saved to try. I really don’t need to do this either cause I can always go back to the blog and pull the recipe or just print it off asap and delete the email. My inbox can be overwhelming if I miss a day. I waste more time filtering through it than I do actual business build work.

  5. Dear future Yvonne, I give you permission to let go of trying to tell everyone about my essential oils and giving out samples to everyone even when I know they really do not want them.

  6. Dear future Kylie, I give you permission to let go of your excessive emails that your never read and create more space in my home. so,clearing all my books, papers, notes, mags etc that I kept in case I need it, that I might use it, read it etc and never have.

  7. Dear Future Nikki. I give you permission today to get that cleaner you’ve been talking about getting for 2 years! I give you permission to stop procrastinating. I give you permission to ‘fly’!

  8. I’m letting go of checking someone’s Facebook page that has been trying to harm my family. It is draining emotionally to me. I need to let go so I can work on my business.

  9. this challenge is a perfect timing, Kat. I am trying hard to prepare for my first webinar and have to let go of so many things to let that happen. But first, have to really clear all my inboxes. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. Good day to you and thank you for me to have an opportunity to be part of that challenge.

  10. Dear future Kelly. Today I am letting go of the worries. I need to focus on my faith and where I want to be instead of what could go wrong.

  11. Dear Future Raewyn, today I finally give permission to let go of people who I don’t make me happy – who don’t fill my tank with good energy.

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