Loyalty Rewards FAQ eBook



  • Save yourself time

  • Give your customer all of the answers they need in one place

  • Duplicable – Just get your builder to buy a copy to share with their new enrollees

  • Small price for huge efficiency gain​

  • AU, US, NZ, UK versions available by clicking the link!


This resource will be a game changer in your doTERRA business, or even if you are a customer for maximising your LRP benefits.

Our Loyaly Rewards Program is a fantastic way to earn free doTERRA products, however it can be difficult to explain all of the benefits to new members.

This 10 page E-book will save you so much time in your business and as a customer!  For your biz, all you will need to do is briefly explain the benefits of LRP to your customer and provide them with a copy of this e-book with all of their questions answered.

This E-book discusses all of the benefits PLUS all of the FAQs you get asked on a daily!  This will be the best money you ever spent!  It will save you loads of time messaging customers back and forth, every month when their LRP is due.  And it will save your customers from being overwhelmed and confused by all of the benefits.

You can get this e-book today for just $17.00!!  This will enable you to either print for all of your new members for their welcome packs, or to even email it to them.

If you aren’t doing the biz, that is fine.  You may be a bit confused about the benefits of the LRP Program and need some guidance.  This $17.00 could save you $100’s over a year just by knowing all of the benefits and options open to you.


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