The Guide to Hosting an Au Pair in Australia


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Learn the ins and outs of writing your ad, hiring, setting your au pair up for success, managing conversations and issues, and structuring your household to make the most out of hosting an au pair.

  • Write your ad, and learn the importance of representing your family accurately to find an excellent fit (and how to get your au pair to say YES!)
  • With the household manual template, you can add to as you host- to assist your au pairs in getting started and laying out your family requirements and rules.
  • Hosting the right au pair, the first time, means your family will find someone who really ‘gets’ you and your kids. You’ll build a great relationship from the start, and hopefully reduce the number of hurdles other host families may face.

How does it work- having another person living in my home?



Au pairs like their personal space just as much as I do. I get more time to myself when my au pair is watching the children- and the best investment you can make in your home is unlimited wi-fi. Au pairs Skype home as often as daily, and they’re here to get out and make friends. Encourage and support them to do this, and everyone will live stress-free in their own little bubbles. What’s MORE of an issue? Keeping your kids out of their much-loved au pair’s room- she will be in high demand for her entire stay.

“How do you AFFORD it?”

Hosting au pairs has provided me extra income- I have the time free to invest in building our family’s future. It’s allowed me to go back to work full-time and still have quality time with my children. We meal plan, and an organised life is less expensive in every way. Plus- they’re not as expensive as you’d think.

I promise! They’re not here to float in your pool and have money thrown at them.

Keep in mind: this eBook provides you with links to groups and websites containing MANY experienced host families, waiting to provide you a wealth of further information- long after the book is finished.


“So is an au pair the same as a nanny?”

Well kind of- except it’s also like a sister, a friend, an extra momma, a flatmate, a wine buddy?? sometimes!!, a spare taxi driver, a confidante, and an extra adult child! No- she’s not a professional nanny. She’s an overseas traveller who wants to experience authentic Australian life. Sometimes they’re professionally qualified- but I can tell you a piece of paper has nothing to do with how well an au pair does in her role. Sometimes when hiring, you just need to trust your gut. I teach you how to do that, while safely eliminating resumes based on the warning signs I show you to look out for.


With the right recruiting, your children will fall in love with their ‘big sister’ and so will you.

When my first au pair left, our hearts all broke. She was part of our family, and we both taught and learned from each other. It is a bond like no other- a cross between a daughter and a sister with a little life coaching thrown in on both sides.

We watched her walk away and into the airport. My daughter, in between her tears, said, “Mummy? I want more au pairs, please.”

So I hosted another 15.


What I’ve gained by hosting au pairs

  • My children see me live a more organised, streamlined and decluttered life. Having time free, instead of frantically packing lunches and brushing hair every morning, means a smoother, calmer household for everyone.
  • I do what I say I’ll do, far more often. I don’t know about you, but keeping promises to my kids can be hard when I’m stressed, busy and unexpected life events happen. I won’t say I always get it right, but my ratio of parenting wins has increased exponentially!

I knew there was a better way, and I found it.

I have spent the last three years utilising my skills and qualifications in Management, Leadership and Community Services to perfect my style of hosting au pairs. I’ve researched everything I needed to know, and put it into practice successfully.

I am contacted multiple times a WEEK on social media by people asking for information on how to get started hosting au pairs.

I combined my knowledge into one solution you can read in a single sitting and walk away with all the tools to host an au pair. There is a way to do it easily, and get it right from the very first time.



“I didn’t know where to start…”

“I can highly recommend this book! I didn’t know where to start at first and was unsure about getting an au pair. But the eBook was of great help getting me started. 

Our first au pair leaves us soon.”

Cheryl Faccio – Brisbane, QLD


“Hosting au pairs made SUCH a difference in our lives…”

“I’d thought about hosting before, but when I read your eBook I actually DID it. And you were right- most of the things I thought could go wrong, weren’t even issues in the end. I’ve hosted 2 au pairs now and I am so sad at the thought of our current girl leaving. She’s irreplacable.”

Samantha Allen – Perth, WA


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