Nobody Wants To Read Your Word Wall

Nobody Wants To Read Your Word Wall

I really struggle with Live Streams because I personally don’t watch a lot of video. I am “that person” that has all of the videos in a course transcribed so I don’t have to sit and watch the content. I hate watching videos because I have no attention span!

This is why I love doing live streams and creating high value content that doesn’t go on forever.

How Does That Relate To Walls Of Words?

You can do all the copywriting in the world but creating a Facebook post often comes down to mindset.

When you are writing, don’t leave people a word wall. Writing is so different to Video! Video allows us to connect with people on an emotional level with ease, we are wired to socialise using body language and verbal communication.

When you sit down to write a post to people, you need to think about one thing.


What’s Your Call To Action? What Do You Want People To do?

When you structure your post, think about your intent.

Do you want people to follow you?

Would you like to encourage people to share?


When You Add Value, The Above Happens Naturally.

It’s human nature to share their experiences with each other. Show up with the content, don’t overload it with instructions and links.

Your audience will always prefer simplified instructions and stories which are easy to consume.

The minute things get too hard your audience tap out, often this can be at the preview of an overcomplicated “Word Wall”.


Ask yourself, would you stop and read your own content? What can you do to create more value?

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