Let Me Change Your Mind About Live Streaming

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Bobby Donohue from FuelBlue to talk all things live streaming and business.

The main topics were based on improving your live streaming confidence and exactly what live streaming and video content does to power your personal brand.

We also discussed one of the most asked questions in my Social Media Group on branding. Whether you choose a business name or a personal brand, when you start showing up in your content you will become your brand.

Now that Facebook has introduced dual live streams, collaborating with other entrepreneurs and business builders is even easier. ¬†Watch our discussion below…

People Buy From People

When your ideal customer is looking for someone to buy from or enroll with, you want video content sitting there waiting for them so they can connect with you. People WANT to see you, humans are wired to be social and share face to face experiences with each other.

If you can build up some consistent video content, this will be a pool for your uptime customer to dive into and make an informed decision on your personal brand and KNOW you are the one for them.


You Become Your Own Brand

When you consistently show up you become your brand, not a faceless logo or a piece of text. YOU become your brand and a personal connection with your audience via video link will help you drive sales and build trust in your business.


If You Have Haters You’re Awesome

Most people are their harshest critics. If you do get negative comments – they are not your target audience. Focus on the people you want to reach and nothing else. If you have never done a live video before, record yourself speaking until you feel comfortable. You will find a level of comfort with practice.


Bobby Donohue helps technical B2B business owners & CEOs use video and the web to educate B2B buyers, increase leads and make more sales.

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