Lighten Up & Share!

Welcome to Day 5 of our 30 Day Challenge!

Yesterday was heavy, huh?


And I’ll bet you have a little more clarity around why you’re showing up on social media!

So now it’s time to have some fun, and remember that we created our amazing communities because we want to lead within them, be part of them and stay present in them.

There’s something used in marketing called a Net Promoter Score. It’s a way to measure your customers’ likelihood to recommend your product or service.

It’s, quite simply, a survey that says..

‘How likely would you be to recommend this to friends or family?’

‘Why/why not?’

Now.. why do they use this?

Because people LOVE sharing valuable resources. It makes them more credible and trustworthy when the recommended resources share them, and helps solidify their bond and influence.

So.. from a hard line marketing point of view, share high value resources freely because you’ll look more credible.

From a ‘why the heck does this align with me?’ point of view..

Do it because the point of a community is to knowledge share.

As an example of someone doing this incredible well, check out Jessie Reimers and Lailah Rose’s Facebook videos.

(see what I just did there? I referred you to some high value resources.)

Your challenge for Day 5:

Go back through your last 10 posts on your Facebook page.

Reply with something uplifting to each comment that you may have missed- regardless of who they are.

Link at least half of them to a helpful resource or information- something not created by you, just something you’ve stumbled over and you love.

Then do a live stream, video, or post about a product or service you love (any!!) and TAG the business on Facebook.

See you tomorrow,

Stay sparkly!


P.S. Feel free to share in your groups and encourage your team to join us! They can jump in at any time during the 30 days.

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