Kat’s Top 8 Sleep Routine Tips

Struggle to switch off after a busy day? Check out these awesome tips!

Kat shares with us her very own sleep routine! “I’m sure you wonder about this exact thing daily. Mine, specifically. Well wonder no more.”

1. Hot shower before bed. Not lukewarm, you sicko. Throw a few drops of lavender essential oil on the shower wall.

2. Use heavy doonas. They’re great for proprioceptive feedback and helping your neurological pathways calm the fuck down.

3. Diffuse DoTERRA lavender peace in your bedroom. Unless you get nightmares- then only diffuse lavender, cedarwood and juniper berry.

4. Throw back enough drops of Copaiba essential oil to get a little worried about what ‘dietary use’ legally covers you for.

5. Review life choices in bed for minimum 40 minutes.

6. Put a small child in your bed. Their rhythmic snoring will help put you to sleep.

7. Kill the worst of the peaking anxiety with the Headspace app under your pillow. Try not to worry about brain cancer.

8. Wake up with a flat phone.

Some other great tips from our friends include:

1. “Yogurt icecream. Greek full fat yogurt with a squeeze of lemon juice put into the ice-cream maker. A good serve of that and I feel like falling asleep.”

2. “When my mind is going berserk and I won’t sleep, I go into a made up story where I’m in in a totally different situation to my real life, like I’m in a movie and get lost in it and actually fall asleep because I’m somewhere else entirely. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. It’s like my version of daydreaming but with my eyes shut. It makes you forget that you’re trying to go to sleep.”

3. “I’m loving my Shakti mat. I can’t believe I fall asleep on a bed of spikes and getting the best sleep I’ve had in ages.”

4. “Grounding mat. Melatonin and Buddhify app…”

5. “Sleep induction mat, magnesium tablets, raw honey, glass of water.”

Share your tips to switch off with us below.

Just as an FYI if you are wondering (or care in the slightest) I am Tracy and I’m here because Kat likes blogging but can never remember her goddamn login. So she literally pays me to blog the things she posts on the platforms she is logged into on her iPhone. Cool, huh? But if you want more you’d better go visit her socials. Do it!

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