Are you wanting to add an incredible income stream to your business & life, but not sure how to monetise what you’ve already created online or how to use your skills? Or maybe you’re looking for an opportunity to start working from home.

Hi I’m Kat Abianac and four years ago I was in the same boat. My health was poor, financially things were a struggle, I couldn’t work in a full-time job and afford the support I needed to maintain that workload for my son, who has a disability.

I was at a loss about what my future might hold, slowly losing my inspiration, and wishing there was another way..

The thought of working from home in my pyjamas, spending more time with my kids and having NO BOSS and no commute was hugely appealing, but was it actually possible to make a decent living?

Well after trying a bunch of stuff that didn’t work, I found out that actually yes! It was and IS very possible. I started my business totally from scratch with the love and support of my friend & business partner Jessie Reimers, who smashed 6 figures in 11 months. 2.5 years into her business she hit the seven figure mark and she’s the world’s youngest to achieve the highest rank in doTERRA, Presidential Diamond.

Jessie and I launched a highly successful social media course together, which to date has done over 6 figures in sales every time it’s opened its doors.

I’ve also spent the last year personally supporting her to grow and nurture her online presence, and building my OWN DoTERRA business out to the rank of Silver and climbing.

“We all need that one friend that backs all our crazy plans FIERCELY. Kat Abianac is my mastermind buddy (special name for legend I text, call and run ideas by to brainstorm all the things… two brains means they always come out 50 times more epic, not just twice as epic).

She has helped me uplevel my business massively in the last year and I know the feeling is mutual.

Lol we literally spend most of our time giving each other advice the other one has already given us (reminders are good) but DANG this chick knows social media, copywriting and marketing like no ones business.

Noticed how much better my copy and strategies are online? That I actually use landing pages? That I actually have an ebook lead magnet now? That I actually send emails?

Seriously due to Kat and I bouncing ideas around and strategising social media awesomeness. The stuff we come up with as a team is legendary.”

-Jessie Reimers, DoTERRA Presidential Diamond & Seven Figure Earner

And now I want to support YOU. Yes, you. I’m looking for future leaders to mentor and build to 5 and 6 figures in a DOTERRA business right alongside me. I have places on my team open, to support your income stream plans whether you have 10 hours or 40 hours a week to invest in your business.

When I first looked at this opportunity, the prospect of being able to work from home and ACTUALLY make decent money seemed extremely attractive. But also way too good to be true! It took me years knowing Jessie before I chose to open a DoTERRA account. And once I did.. boy did I fall in love with these incredible oils. Love, light, personal healing, personal development and growth, all wrapped up in shiny little bottles of alchemy and light.

I did my research, stood back and watched Jessie, and trusted both her and this company enough to take a chance on it and actually back myself because I was SO frustrated with my circumstances at the time.

I have connected with SO many people who were in a similar position to me, who wanted to create a different path for themselves and have been able to do that with me and even those with an already extremely successful career, who were lacking time freedom and fulfilment, who’ve made the switch to create the things that are important to them!

I have an incredible track record of working with people to help them succeed. That applies whether they want to supplement their income, or replace and even multiply a full time residual income.

Why did I choose to partner with doTERRA?

They are the largest essential oil company in the world with the purest essential oils on the planet
They offer safe, affordable, effective and natural solutions to empower people with their physical and emotional health
They have a freaking KICK ASS compensation plan to benefit those that help others discover their magic
They are a part of a trillion dollar wellness industry- people are hungry for natural solutions without side effects
Industry Leading Retention at 65%- this means LONG TERM residual income because we create oily addicts that continue to reorder
Owners with absolute integrity who have taken ZERO outside interest or funding and will never go public- they actually care about growers, communities and US the people that promote their products!
There is SO MUCH opportunity with this company with 120+ markets open worldwide, none of which are anywhere close to saturation and won’t be for generations
They are out to make a difference in the world through their co-impact sourcing model and their philanthropic arm, the Healing Hands Foundation.

What has it meant for me?

I have been able to do SO MUCH MORE than just pay bills with this business. Within 2 months of deciding to grow my business, I was already paying for my son’s daycare fees. This business has created time and financial freedom, I now live in a home far more suited to my family and spend much of my time giving back within my communities, attending playgroup, and I created the freedom for myself to only take on projects in my second business that I 100% am in love with. I get to experience national and global travel on my terms, have created lifelong friendships and an incredible community and the abundance has given me the ability to give back to causes I’m passionate about in ways I had previously never dreamed possible.

Not only that, but I have incredibly simple but highly effective resources for other men and women from ALL backgrounds to follow in my footsteps.

Many just want to supplement their income with an extra few hundred or few thousand a month, dozens have already replaced a full time income joining our team in business and more than a dozen more have already hit the six figure and multiple six figure income mark.

So you might be thinking did they have a million billion followers on instagram and a raging success of a blog, business and marketing experience and were already successful elsewhere?

The answer, in most cases in my business is NO. Of course I love working with bloggers and influencers but the very large majority of the most successful legends in our team are from extremely varied backgrounds.

Most are stay at home mums, some are in retirement, we have marine biologists, teachers, health coaches, massage therapists, people from retail backgrounds and some are people that already run another business and have added this in as an incredible income stream.

What they do all have in common is passion, a desire to make a real difference in peoples lives. They see and believe in the value of these oils and the difference they can make. They do the inner and outer work. They refuse to stay in victim mode and have pity parties. They SHOW UP even when they’re scared and continue to dig deep, get outside their comfort zone and create something mind blowing.

Apply to Work With Me

What can I offer?
* World class training and resources to show you the simple, proven, exact steps to creating a successful business
* Access to our VIP members only support group with training the way you learn best- videos, written documents, simple graphics showing visuals
* My personal support, kick ass inspiration and mentorship
* An incredible community of like minded every day people doing extraordinary things to have your back and cheer you on!
* Access to training and resources from high level leaders from all over Australia and the world who have done what you are looking to do
What is involved?
* Choose your level of play, supplement your current income, replace your current income completely or add an income stream to your current business
* Essential Oils & Products you will absolutely LOVE having and would be buying with or without the business opportunity that will absolutely change your life
* A minimum investment of at least 10-15 hours a week, or more if you have goals you want to achieve faster
* A passion for wellness and helping others
* A solution driven attitude, you are absolutely willing to jump in and give things a go, feel the fear and do it anyway, try new things and consistently show up and work on your mindset and personal growth
* You are ready to step out of your comfort zone, stop making excuses, take full personal responsibility for your life and choices and take massive action!
* You are able to invest in your starter kit (most popular are Home Essentials, Nature’s Solutions and Oil Sharing Kits- these include the most savings BELOW wholesale prices and waive the $35 membership fee) or pay the $35 and create your own kit.

I am looking to invest my time, resources and energy into the right person and have some very limited spots available right now to work one on one and help you launch your business.
Please fill in the form below to apply to work with me.



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