How to make delicious poached chicken like a pro

HOW TO MAKE POACHED CHICKEN if you’re a next level kitchen ninja:


Chicken breast
5 shallots
Rice wine vinegar
Chinese cooking wine
Pandan leaf
Lime juice
Soy sauce
Fish sauce


1. Roughly chop up the following and put in a large pot of water:
– 5 shallots
– ginger
– garlic
– chilli
Add a couple splashes of rice wine vinegar, a couple splashes of chinese cooking wine, 1x pandan leaf. Heat until boiling

2. While that’s heating up, prep the rest:
– finely chop shallots, separate the white parts (for the sauce) from the green parts (to put on top)

– chop cucumber and carrot in long strands
– roughly chop coriander
– chop up chili to taste
– if you have edamame, remove the beans from the pods
– shred ginger and garlic for the dressing

3. In a bowl make the dressing: add shredded garlic and ginger, the whites of the shallots, chilli to taste to lime juice, soy sauce, fish sauce, rice wine vinegar, sweet soy and give a good stir with a fork/ whisk.

4. Boil a small pot of water, once boiling add noodles and continue to boil until soft. Strain and add ice to cool and stop cooking process.

5. By now large pot should be boiling. Add chicken breast. Leave on heat until it begins boiling again. Remove from heat and cover, leave for 20 min.

6. Plate up! Chilled noodles first, add carrot, cucumber, edamame, chili, shallot etc second. Slice chicken and lay on top third. Add sauce, sriracha, hoisin, sweet soy etc to taste.

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