Honouring Your Past Decisions

Welcome to Day 3 of our 30 Day Challenge!

How does it feel having a fresh, clean inbox after yesterday? I hope you’re loving it!


So now you’ve lifted a little weight off yourself already, on Day 3 of our 30 Day Challenge, I want you to remember that self care requires reps. It’s not a one off action- keep doing the lifting!

One problem face after a big inbox or ‘busy work’ detox, is the guilt.

A day or two after the fact, we tend to face a small consequence from our boundary setting- a whisper to remind us of the activities that don’t serve us. An email will be rolled up you didn’t mean to, or perhaps you’ll miss an opportunity because of something you let go of maintaining on Day 1 of our challenge.

As we make room in our lives for the new, we’re clearing out the old. People talk about sacrifice, letting go, things being painful..

But what if the thing that holds you back, is just simply feeling guilty about having changed how you operate? And causing yourself to POTENTIALLY miss opportunities. That feeling, the sinking tummy when you realise your ‘busy-work’ detox caused you a mild inconvenience?

Avoiding that feeling is an addiction that drives more bad decisions than ANY other habit.

Well, potential loss is different from reality. And the reality is, if you were spending your time right now when it serves you best, you wouldn’t have had a single thing to write on your bit of paper back on day 1.

On day 1, I asked you to take a piece of paper and write, ‘Dear Future Me, I give you permission to let go of _____’

If you’ve already taken action on it, congratulations! You are on FIRE. But human behaviour says most of us haven’t actually done the tasks required yet, to wrap it all up then set it free.

It’s time for you to understand why you likely never took action on Day One, even though you knew you should have.

You felt guilty you couldn’t make it work.

So honour your original decision as a wise one, made with the knowledge you had on hand – and honour the new skills you unearthed attempting to make it work.


And now honour your future time investment in it.


Your challenge for Day 3:

Pull out your paper from Day 1, where you wrote yourself a letter to let something go that no longer serves you.

Write underneath your statement, 

‘P.S. I honour the decision Past (Kat) made. But it no longer serves me ENOUGH. So I am letting it go, to honour your, Future (Kat)’s, time. I took action today to let this go.’

Now- GO take action on your Day 1 promise. Finished your note?

You ARE Future You now- don’t let her down!

Now on a fresh piece of paper, I want you to write down 2 things you are grateful you bring to the world. Save this piece of paper- you’ll need it later!

See you tomorrow,

Stay sparkly!


P.S. I would LOVE to hear from you in the comments today. xx

P.P.S. Feel free to share in your groups and encourage your team to join us! They can jump in at any time during the 30 days.

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  1. I love letting go. Also loving the quiet inbox lol. Have to check back today see if the unsubscribe app has more for me to do. The promise I made 2 days ago are coming to fruition. By actually letting go you come to accept what the universe brings you. Loving this challenge

  2. I am finding this challenge interesting, as I get ready to retire, it feels great letting go, decluttering and self love! Thx

  3. I loved clearing out my inbox and unsubscribing. I wrote down that I need to let go of several things (all related to one another)- procrastination, lack of motivation, self-pity and self-doubt. I took action by getting my planner out and getting prepared and organized and starting to contact people I need to/take action. When I get out of action or momentum these feelings take over.

    1. Often it’s a sign of levelling up too and having to strip back our tasks to make way for growth! Make sure you’re getting out of your own way- such good insights you’ve made to how we often feel in business, that’s a really great level of self awareness Jenna.

  4. My inbox is quiet and I feel relief….some days I would see 20 emails and mild panic followed by guilt would set in….then I’d feel like I was wasting time going through reading and deleting….not wanting to receive them but not wanting to miss out on something….which is exactly what happened anyway with so much junk….very liberating to let go

  5. It was so liberating (and time saving!!) sorting out my subscriptions to my inbox!! Today’s challenge … “2 things you are grateful you bring to the world” – it was good to sit back and think about the positives I see in myself.

  6. I am that person that reads day two on day three, and then feels guilty as day 1 was not done …. it was pondered over, but definitely not completed…. So, on day 3 I have completed day 1, day 2, and day 3, and am feeling less guilty (let go of on ‘day 1’), more de-cluttered (day 2), and grateful that I am back on track on day 3, I shall def. do day 4 on day 4.

    Thank you!!!!!

  7. Interesting yet challenging task for today. I am grateful for a lot of things in my life but I generally don’t view it from the perspective of what I bring to the world. May have to sleep on this.

  8. So far I am loving this 30 day challenge. I have let go of several accounts that do not serve my interests and it felt great. I have unsubscribed to over 20 newsletters etc. that I am no longer interested or serves as an unproductive use of my time. This decluttering is wonderful.
    Two things I am grateful for that I bring to the world are my ability to teach and my empathy for others.

  9. this one is the hardest so far. I only did Day 2 today on Day 3 so will know how a free email will feel. Today though is hard as I know what I’m grateful for (lots of things) but what I am grateful to bring to the world – hmmmmm I might need a bit longer to reflect on this

  10. The day one challenge is hard for me but necessary. I really need to stop being scared and stop letting this person control my life. Day 2 felt good to clean a lot out. Day 3 is hard. I will want to think about this. Thanks for the challenges.

  11. The day one challenge made me decide what I wanted to achieve this year and what I needed to do declutter, organize, finish what I start.
    Day 2 felt great to clean out my email box
    Day 3 still thinking about but loving the challenges

  12. Not quite sure what I have brought to the world or have yet to bring. I do want to bring more self content. So I will work on it. Love the half empty in box. Solo much less stress for me.

  13. So this is extremely challenging for me as I am having to let go of the clutter in my life, my home, my mind, my ‘soulclutter’ that I have carried with me for 49 years, a big task that can’t be done in a day, a month – maybe it will be done in a year, but I also know beginning the release is what I want to do. I feel swamped by clutter, overwhelmed by mountains of tasks, things, schedules, expectations – under all that is me, wanting to burst out of the sea of clutter and come to the surface. So this is helpful, I look at my cluttered email and decided it might be best just to start over, but there was that history staring me in the face, those connections and of course the constant marketing ploys – running through my mind was “what if something I want comes up in Catch of the Day, Scoopon, Naturally Cancer Free?’ I suppose I will just search for it. SO letting go is a big part of this journey, clearing space so I can breathe, and begin again, start anew, sparkle – work in progress.

  14. Cleaning up your inbox is like cleaning house. Room to breathe and move and feel more creative with time and energy.
    I always feel so much better after a big inbox clean up.
    So easy to think of what I am grateful for but when I try to think of what I bring to the world to be grateful for, well that’s a little harder.
    This year I am letting go of the past, past failures, past regrets and past inadequacies(all perceived or otherwise).

  15. Love this Challenge and motivation.. it’s amazing how much hidden stuff is within us that do not serve you. I love declutering . …. it gives space for new. And oh yes I do my daily affirmations of gratefulness and Blessings. I’m for my Abundance reaching to the realm thereof … meaning let pass my 3d physicall, pass dream state and reach the realm of Abundance that flows. Thank you for your challenge Kat, it’s so refreshing xx

  16. Its quite hard to think about what I am grateful I BRING TO THE WORLD…… What would the world be missing if I was not here? mmmmmm A great thought provoking challenge. Although after cleaning out my inbox i felt lighter and more organised, this challenge threw me…. I needed some extra time and decided that everyone who has met me has been met with love and kindness so I am grateful I bring to the world these qualities…..

  17. I began this challenge on Day 1 but fell behind on Day 5–I am back and playing “catch-up”. I had completed this challenge but in the reviewing of it, I realized I read it wrong. I thought the task was to list what I was grateful for – not what I was grateful for what I brought to this world. That was a lot harder for me to answer. I’m learning one of my blocks is acknowledging and valuing my own skills. I feel vain or conceited stating them. Jumping over that block… I am grateful for my ability and desire to connect to people’s hearts by giving my time to sit and listen to them, share, talk, laugh with the desire and hope it helps them feel valued. I am grateful for my ability to sing and harmonize and make people smile when I do.
    Thank you, Kat for these challenges. My business growth has flatlined and i know it’s because my heartbeat is not strong…these challenges are helping to motivate and guide me to get rid of the dead weight holding me back. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of it.

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