‘Fake it til you make it’ baby!

I’ve learned so much over the last year. One huge realisation has been that I have a lot of traits and habits other people don’t have.

I genuinely didn’t realise.

I actually always thought people didn’t show up online or think a certain way just because they had blockers, or were super resistant with excuses.

But that’s not always true!!

OFTEN it’s just because they LITERALLY don’t think of writing that post, or taking that picture… they’re just not in the habit.

It’s not always SKILL!!

‘Fake it til you make it’ isn’t always a bad thing.

Sometimes it means doing Instagram stories you think are boring, because I assure you other people do actually find parts of your life extremely unique. (Check out mine! I find 90% of mine super routine and ‘whatever’ yet I get so many replies to them. www.instagram.com/katabianac )

Sometimes it means posting something you think will annoy everyone.. it’s often not the case. If you KNOW you can help, people need your help.. start helping!!

Habit building AND mindset shifts will be a huge focus in my online membership Social Media & Sales with Soul, and I can’t wait to reopen the doors later this month.

If you’re one of my existing 800+ students, log in and check out the amazing Instagram module featuring Beau Bressington! You’ll love it.

Just as an FYI if you are wondering (or care in the slightest bit) I am Tracy and I’m here because Kat likes blogging but can never remember her goddamn logins. So she literally pays me to blog the things she posts. Cool, huh? Livin’ the dream over here! But if you want more you’d better go visit her socials. Do it!

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