Facebook Admin a Closed Group For FB Group Admins

Hey, you.

With 300 million Facebook pic uploads a DAY…

And Gary Vaynerchuk saying GET on Facebook and Instagram right NOW to stake our early claim in the high ROI landslide of social media…

I, for one, want to optimise and leverage the heck out of my use of the Groups I admin.

Before everyone else does.

So that’s why I was thrilled to find this new hidden gem of a group.

Did you know 5 new Facebook profiles are created every second? Or that the most common age demographic is 25-34?

Wait, that’s me!

SO I really should be getting to know my people better, right? I’ve already gotten to provide feedback when the ‘ask new members a question’ feature was rolled out. How did I know this new feature existed? Saw it in the group! And they’re constantly rolling out and testing new features. I now get to ask my group members a set of three questions, and make sure they’re a good match. This is ONE example of the many updates I’ve seen happen.

You can ask any tech question you like- and they have a pretty extensive Files section.

Files section highlights reel:

Top ten fake profile/ spam bot signs

How to report a Feature issue

Find your browser version

And best of all: Group Admins FAQs!


Their Community Guidelines (with hyperlinks removed as it’s a closed group and I’m not inclined to share them publicly):
1. Please only use this group to discuss feedback related to being an admin of a Facebook group.

2. If you experience a feature issue or need clarification, please @mention (these admins) and follow these steps: http://bit.ly/

3. If you would like to request a feature for groups, please do so here: http://on.fb.me/

4. Be respectful to one another. To make sure it’s an enjoyable experience for everyone, we’ll be moderating the group.


Anyway, it’s totally worth joining. Highly recommend. Well moderated, by staff including the Product Manager at Facebook. Unbelievably there’s only 5,000-odd members at the moment! (Not for long after this post, I’m sure.)

So share this post in your favourite group for 2000 brownie points with admin and other group owners, and hit it up with a join request by clicking HERE, or on the picture below.



You’re super welcome! 

(Don’t let karma bite you for being greedy- share this post into your favourite group before you join.)

Kat xox

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