Easy DIY Tattoo Cream Recipe

The best way to treat your new tatt the au natural way.

If like Kat you just got a new tattoo and want to look after it without reaching for the typical creams and chemicals here are some great suggestions from our friends.

Becky told us that Helichrysum worked magic on her tatt for healing. FCO too!

Hayley said, “Correct x is great on tatts. But always follow the advice of the individual artist. They are the experts in their field. I’ve shown artists Correct X and they’ve OK’d it.”

Lots of others also recommended Correct X as well.

Jamie was very wise and added, “Psssst. As someone who is heavily tattooed, don’t use bepanthen. You’re better off using Paw Paw ointment. Just a small amount. Once the scabbing has stopped, a simple fragrance free moisturiser to keep the skin from cracking will do the trick. Bepanthen doesn’t allow the skin to breath.”

A few others also agreed paw paw was a much better option.

Margriet said, “Just use your frankincense and lavender oils! Worked perfectly on my whole sleeve.”

Check out this easy DIY recipe below via Scratch mommy:

30 grams organic mango butter
30 grams organic cocoa butter (you can substitute shea butter instead)
¼ c organic sweet almond oil

Organic Essential Oils
8 drops helichrysum
10 drops frankincense
10 drops lavender


  • *Weigh your butters and almond oil and put them into a double boiler.
  • *Slowly heat the butters and oil until they melt.
  • *Give them all a mix together.
  • *Allow the mixture to set (45 – 60 minutes)
  • *Add your essential oils.
  • *Using a hand or stand mixer, whip the mixture until stiff peaks form.
  • *Transfer your whipped tattoo healing cream to a mason or other glass jar.
  • *Apply a small amount to your tattoo throughout the day. The more moisturized you keep your tattoo, the less flaking that will occur (which in turn leads to less itchiness)

And no, I’m pretty sure Kat didn’t mix up the Bepanthen with the toothpaste. (yet!)

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