Where To Find Doterra Images For Facebook

Where To Find Doterra Images For Facebook

Where to find Doterra Images For Facebook? We see this topic come often in the Doterra Social Media Unicorns Group. With over 10,000 members it is a topic that is raised at least one a week. It can be very time consuming creating social media content and we would like to make it easier and less stressful for you!

For extra support join the Essential Oil Social Media Unicorns Facebook Group, it’s free and anyone can be a member. This is a group of like minded business owners who love to share and brainstorm ideas for business growth. We see Doterra images for Facebook daily from other people which inspire others to create content for their social media that produces a higher level of engagement.

There are many options when it comes to Doterra images on Facebook. So let’s run through a few.


Doterra Images For Facebook – Official Image┬áLibrary

DoTERRA supplies images for your use in its image library. The only problem with this picture is they are not transparent, so using them for your own creative projects is time consuming. We have solved this problem for you further on in this article. The official image library is the best place for high resolution images of the Doterra products.



Free Attribution Stock Images

Stock photos are an incredible resource for creating your own Doterra Images For Facebook. You can use these as background images with your Doterra products over the top. You can also use stock photos to create eye catching content with a less salesy approach which will win your audience over, creating curiosity around your business. For a list of 100% FREE images to use for both personal and commercial use visit HERE.


Stock Membership Services

I’m a little bit hesitant to mention these services however they are an option. The availability of free photos online is so huge you shouldn’t need to purchase a stock membership. There are however some business models which specialise in Essential Oils, like Presenterra. Most of the images are unlabelled bottles though, these are easy to create yourself or find at Free download stock images sites. The upside to using a service like this is you have access to a wider selection of images.

Presenterra do sell Transparent Doterra Images For Facebook in packages however, some of these images can also be acquired for free below. Also be aware that when you use DoTERRA Stock images regardless of where you buy them from – you may only use compliant language with these images.


Essential Oil Image Hub

This is a service Kate Shelby runs to boost your social media content at a very reasonable price. Every month Kate pumps out a ton of customised images which run alongside Doterra promotions. The volume of images available is impressive and the content is unique. All of the images are attribution free and you are free to edit them as you please. The price to enter the image hub is a lifetime investment. The testimonials for this product are impressive. You can sign up for this service HERE.



DoTERRA Images For Facebook – FREE Transparent Product Images

These are the goods you are probably looking for! There are over 100+ Transparent product images available from us if you need to create your own Doterra images for Facebook. When you sign up to our newsletter service you will be sent the information you need to access these images. They are 100% free to use and we won’t email you every week trying to sell you products.

Our newsletter is reserved for when new tools and resources are published or brand new business resources are available.



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