Dear Future Me

Hey, Future Me.

My whole life, I always hoped you were proud of my choices. I craved your approval. Before I make a big decision, I always said to myself,

“What would Future Me want to happen right now?”

I enjoyed casting praise back to the Past Me who did my dirty work, with a smug little nod to my own ingenuity in setting Present Me up for success.

But now I’m learning. I need to stop making life choices just for your benefit.

Because you’re not most important.

I am.

And sometimes, I’m missing pieces of my adulthood while I engineer your dream life.  A day I dream up rejected, because it’s better spent elsewhere on the hustle. For you.

Sorry… I’m going to kick Future Me to the kerb more often. I only get to experience life one moment at a time.

And if I’m living each moment for the future it’s as bad as not living at all. Because I don’t even benefit in the end.

One day, there won’t be a Future Me.

So I was always going to lose.

Thanks for understanding. xx


Dear Woman,

I need you to promise me something.

Promise me you will never leave your heart in the palms of a man

Who has not made his purpose for you clearer than your grandmother’s bathroom window.

Promise me that who you love will never be more important than the love you have for yourself.

Because you cannot give shelter to others, if you do not have a home of your own.

Promise me that you won’t settle.

Because no matter how little your job pays, no matter how small your apartment is, you are one good man away from being treated like a queen.

No matter where on earth your castle is.

And to every man that ever broke your heart

May their Karma

And your peace

Be God allowing them the pleasure of receiving front row tickets to your rebirth.


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