10 of My New Life Mantras After Reading Constance Hall’s Book ‘Like A Queen’

Or, “10 concepts I now know to be gospel truths, since reading ‘Like A Queen.'”

*only loosely quoted in this blog, lines here and there, because I don’t want to spoil the book for you.

1. Childbirth. It is impossible to fail at giving birth. Even if some fucker makes you do it the wrong way because all the hipsters are squeezing them out in the VIP section of a new bar on opening night and thinks you should too.

2. Names. When having a baby, sure you can run the potential name past your favourite Grammar Nazi for a sanity check, but you might miss out on a gloriously perfect combination being vetoed. Shout out to Snow Mahon. 👊🏻#doyouwannabuilda

3. Body image. Want to break the vicious cycle of weight gain? Start by choosing friends who love the hell out of you, tell you what a glorious sexual ethereal creature you are, spell out to other Queens their highlights reel because on most days they forget. No time for comfort eating when you’ve got a solid wolf pack, a wine to drink and comfort compliments to collect.

4. Sleep. Sleep deprivation is not normal, turns us into raging assholes, and raging asshole isn’t the ideal state to begin your parenting journey in. Break it down into details if you have to, get vulnerable, shout if there’s people who need to be shouted at and go and have a goddamn nap.


5. Gratitude. This doesn’t cover every single life event- but overwhelmingly, the universe is a force with vested interest in your wellbeing. There will come a day when your pain is replaced with insight and you will say a big fat fucking thankyou.

6. Mindfulness. Speak nicely to children, and be kind always. You never know whose memoirs you’ll end up featuring in. 😏

7. Travel. When in Spain, bring a razor. You’ll need it.

8. Medical. Own your excuses and get your ass to a doctor. And another and another until you’ve got one you vibe with. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll be back to running the world.

9. Authenticity. Be vulnerable, be real. Scared? Do it anyway. Push publish. Send the text. Your entire world will open up and start loving you right back.

10. Friends. If she’s not your cup of tea, keep it to yourself. If she is, tell her. Because all those cups of tea in life you knock back, are perfect for someone who loves tea. 

And NEVER judge a queen by her cover. 👑

Get it here: www.likeaqueen.com.au.

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