5 Times I Mildly Regretted Having An Au Pair

Having an au pair has been a rewarding experience for my entire family. They add so much to our lives, our colossal learning curves and family fails fade into humour pretty quickly. They ranged from ‘I find this hilarious and I wish it hadn’t happened but I’m glad it did’, all the way to ‘I’m going to sit here quietly until I can speak again.


1. The time the au pair ate all my chocolate. OH MY GOD I learned my lesson. I buy double now. And I ask them what they’d like, EVERY TIME I go to the shop.



2. The time my daughter got mild left-hand sunburn because only one side of her body had sunscreen applied. Every time they went to the beach after that, I noted the kids were zinc’ed head to foot and glowing white from Banana Boat.



3. The time my au pair briefly forgot how to drive, and got rear ended. Hosting hot tip: When hosting an au pair, up your insurance to include all third parties, and make the excess as low as possible.



4. The time our au pair taught the girls every Christmas carol she knew. In French. Imagine Mariah Carey’s Christmas Album on repeat for 2 months. I can entirely relate.



5. The time my first au pair left, and our hearts all broke. I didn’t know if I could ever host another au pair. She was part of our family, and we both taught and learned from each other. It is a bond like no other- a cross between a daughter and a sister with a little life coaching thrown in on both sides. We watched her walk away and into the airport. My daughter, in between her tears, said, “Mummy? I want more au pairs, please.”



So I hosted another 15.



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