We ALL Get Scared Just Before Good Stuff Happens- It’s Not Just You.

It’s easy to doubt yourself. It’s the smoothest path, after all. It’s well worn and cosy, because after all- staying still is easier than taking action.

When you shake up the things you say and do, when you choose to expand upon things you believe in, act in new ways, reach out for the horizon…

Deep down, when you change it scares the people who know you. Those who don’t know you. Sometimes those who love you. They cling to what they know and try to pull you back to your old ‘normal.’

It’s a reflection of them, but pointed in your direction.

When you look back on your life, how do you want to feel?

“If I’d have known..”


“Holy heck, I’m so glad I went with my gut and backed myself!”

Get on with that Level Up- and be prepared to use the word No as a complete sentence. You’re the Queen of your own castle.

So pull that drawbridge up, and get prepared to let it down for those who back you all the way with the big things. The ones that matter.

Doing new thingsĀ is scary. But regret is worse.

Kiss the date. Who cares if he doesn’t end up being The One.

Push send on the email if doubt is the only thing holding you back- will it matter in five years?

Book into that webinar, attend the conference, go to the new mothers’ group and eyeball the judgy ones.

Your tribe are everywhere. If you’re not jumping the hurdles, you’ll never get to meet them. And you’ll never see the good stuff happen- the magic of human connection.

Because part of the magic in life is kissing the toads, sending bad emails, getting judged by people you’ll never be able relate to, hitting ‘publish’ on that risky social media post and suffering through dull conferences.

It’s how you’ll know when you’ve found it. Because without those experiences.

Because when you hit your stride, resonate strongly with your community, and strike gold…


You’ll know it was you making that happen.



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