6 essential oils to help with fertility and pregnancy support

Mum of five and wellness advocate, Katrina Ryan has shared her remedies to help with fertility and beyond.

Katrina shares that baby Rumi is her 5th daughter and her only child born without fertility treatment.

“Even my first surprise baby Emma came due to hormonal intervention that was trying to get my cycle back after it stopped getting a period when I was 18.

“My body failed to mature eggs and when it came to releasing them would create a cyst instead.

“After Elia (baby 4) was born we decided that we wouldn’t prevent pregnancy but wouldn’t go through fertility treatment again because it was just way too toxic for my body and mind.

“If you’ve ever doubted what chemical toxins do to your mind then ask someone about clomid rage – there is no greater out of control feeling than living in a chemical soup.

“My original use of oils for me was to help repair the damage caused by fertility treatment and balance my hormones again by ridding my body of toxins.

“I started taking a very expensive supplement range that helped kickstart this journey for me but transitioned over to doTERRA’s Life Long Vitality Range because it was less than half the price and did the same thing! It supercharged my detox process by providing my body with everything it needed to survive so the other things I was implementing had the chance to help me rather than just support my body back to survival mode.

“There is no greater gift you will give your body than life long vitality supplements (I know many with DOTERRA just for these supplements). They ensure your basics are covered so you can really get serious about what you want to work on.

What I really wanted to work on was supporting my ovaries and womb.

Twice a day I would lather my womb area, chest and throat with a blend of:
💗Clary Sage
💗Ylang Ylang
💗Wild Orange
💗Lavender Peace
15 drops of each in 115ml Fractionated Coconut Oil

“I adapted this for me from Kerry Harper’s Hormone Bliss by adding the Myrhh which deeply supports the ovaries and womb and emotionally helps to repair maternal bonds that may be blocking fertility on an emotional level

Using this blend and supplementation for 6 months I got my first period in 16 years and a month later I was pregnant with Rumi.

I diffused Passion and Ylang Ylang to help get the bedroom user friendly (those of you breastfeeding may get what I mean!)


My lifelines were the following:


Truth be told I switched to Elevit for a month and vomited every day- when I went back on LLV the vomiting stopped.

For nausea support I used Cardamom on the tops of my ears and behind them and sniffed Peppermint from the bottle

For sinus support I used a roller of Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint (20 drops of each topped with FCO in a 10ml Roller)

For muscle support (especially my hips and shoulders) I used a blend of Marjoram, Lemongrass and Frankincense (20 drops of each topped with FCO in a 10ml Roller)

For head tension I used a blend of Lavender, Peppermint and Frankincense (20 drops of each topped with FCO in a 10ml Roller)

Please note: Clary sage and pregnancy isn’t recommended!


“I used a blend of Clary Sage, Jasmine and Frankincense over my uterus from 37 weeks. Once a day weeks 37-38, twice a day week 38-39 and three times a day in my last week

I had the most beautiful labour.

“OMG just remembering it makes me smile. I have never felt so powerful and in awe of my body than during Rumi’s labour.

I was so controlled yet so free, just breathing into every contraction, smiling that that meant she was one contraction closer.

“I mentioned needing to push while smiling and laughing this couldn’t possibly be the whole labour.

I never hit the point of feeling pain or feeling like I couldn’t go on (like I experienced with the other 4) and in two pushes she was earth side.

“I continued using the labour roller for after Birth uterus support and a back tension roller of Black Pepper, Frankincense and Marjoram (20 drops of each topped with FCO in a 10ml Roller) and I didn’t experience after pains either.

It was just so beautiful I want to do it all again (don’t stress Mum not just yet)

Frankincense was my oil of choice for Rumi to help her settle into this new environment just one drop in 10ml FCO in a roller onto her feet and umbilical cord.


Thank you Katrina for sharing your story.  We hope it helps so many other women out there who are looking for answers to help with fertility and beyond.

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