30 Messenger Marketing Ideas for your Essential Oils Business 

Well, THIS is an exciting topic. Actual, handed-to-you ideas? Yes please!!

SO… What IS Messenger Marketing?

Well basically, it’s when you set up to broadcast messages through your Facebook page automatically using a third party platform, (not scheduled on Facebook itself, but a Messenger Bot business).

There are SO many incredibly exciting ways to use Messenger Bots for home based businesses, like DoTERRA!

Previously, the ways you could effectively follow-up with prospects, has been a little limited. How many times can you text the same person with an ‘ask’, if you’re not actually adding any value to their day? There are SO many ways you can show people how you incorporate Essential Oils into your lifestyle- honestly, the sky’s the limit.

99.999% of people with essential oils home based businesses don’t follow me- and most don’t know about this yet. Even if they do, most won’t ever implement! Right now, by reading this Ultimate List, you have an incredible gift to go forth and generate leads and prospects in your business – who want your help, and to hear what you have to say.

I use a powerful platform called Manychat; which I highly recommend as a platform to get up and running simply and fast.

And I’m dropping a few ideas below for you, to get you started.

Host A Giveaway: 

Run a Comments Growth Tool, and have people comment below the video or pic to be in the running for the prize once they confirm their details!

Be sure to follow marketing regulations, and disclose by entering they’ll be added to a messenger list. Make sure you also give them the option to unsubscribe, and tell them what sort of content they’ll be receiving from you.

Be sure to also add Facebook’s competition disclaimer, which is required.

Giveaway Ideas:

-Your favourite Essential Oils Book

-Your favourite business book/s

-A diffuser

-A wellness consult with free samples mailed as a gift

-A coaching consult in your niche (if you already offer this service)

-Store credit or a voucher to:

Your favourite sample resources store

A book store, with a link to your Recommended Resources list

A membership to an online platform you use and love (I like Grammarly, Dropbox, Trello, Canva & there are countless others which help me in business!)

-Massage voucher that can be redeemed in multiple locations in your country

-Sample roller bottle set

-1 months’  membership to their local Yoga or Pilates Studio

-Anything you use and love, and would like to endorse! Be sure to tag the businesses you are supporting with your giveaway.

Who knows- if it goes well, they might getting contact to offer contra (free product) for you to host another giveaway!

Run a Challenge:

Create a landing Registration Page using Manychat, and once people opt in, deliver them video, text or website content every day for 5-30 days!

Challenge ideas:

14 Day Oil Camp

Send one of your favourite oily resources every day for a month, which a quick blurb or video about how it’s benefited you and how you use it.

5 Day Builder Accountability Challenge

Send your business builders a short sequence with a link to YouTube videos or a short video from you, encouraging them to follow up leads, write new content or show up in their business in the best way to suit your tribe.

14 Days to Natural Cleaning

Encourage your new  enrolments to register for this sequence, and deliver them interesting info and tips for two weeks to get them up and running using their diffuser, creating natural cleaning products for their home & more! This helps LRP retention if people use and love their products already. You can offer a mailed gift to people who complete the challenge in full- for example, a 2 pack of cleaning spray bottles, or a set of roller balls.

Using Your Home Essentials Kit

Create a sequence of videos which explain how to get the most of your new Home Essentials Kit, and get them using every oil! This is a powerful way to support newbies with their kits, as they can simply respond in Messenger if they have any issues or need assistance.

The best part of landing page opt ins is- your downline can use your enrolment sequences as well to support their new customers and enrolments!

30 Days To A Healthier You

Create a LLV Supplement regime accountability buddy challenge, if it’s something you’d like to take on for 30 days and document how you feel in the process.

You can also add in additional challenges to suit your lifestyle along the way,and serve your niche better!

Additional challenge ideas, to incorporate or run standalone:

Writing down 3 things you are grateful for each day (share your own daily to inspire others)

EFT Tapping (you can send a Brad Yates YouTube video each day)

Drinking 2 litres of water each day

Small steps towards detoxing your home

Culling your wardrobe of  all clothes that no longer fit, or serve you

30 minute walks 3 times a week

Share your favourite YouTube home workout videos daily (I love the ones by Kayla Itsines!)

Reiki exercises

Meditation prompts


Add an opt-in to your website

You can choose from a slide-in overlay, create an entire landing page, create Messenger URLs where they can subscribe in one click, and more.


Run Facebook ads to send people to your Messenger List

Make sure your content is unique and interesting, and target it to people who will be interested in it.  25-44 are the most responsive ages to target on social media.


Broadcast a message to everyone who’s asked to be notified when you post to your page

Disclaimers here: a, don’t have boring content. b, don’t promise anything they won’t get. c) MAKE SURE they know how opt out.

This would be ideal, for example, if your builders want to track you closely while you complete Diamond Club from Feb-May.

Send a broadcast to your whole list (or part of it) when you write a new blog post

This is the easiest to do of all! Write a note, drop the link, choose the list and send your message.


This is a pretty exhaustive list, and i’m feeling inspired after writing it so I KNOW you’ll feel inspired by reading it!

Now, go forth and get cracking using Messenger Bots!

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Kat x

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